Thursday, May 16, 2013

three things thursday - the barcelona edition

So yeah - I am neglectful. But Life has been pretty busy getting ready for my last two classes for school (oh, and presenting at a conference right before I left). Oh well - better to be busy than bored.
Anyway - since I'm in Barcelona, I figured I'd post a three things, Barcelona edition.

1 - The city ain't so bad:

2 - My new favourite bus sign is an ad I saw today for someone doing liposuction. It said: Want to lose weight? Liposuction! ...and get off one stop earlier.

3 - The Zombies? They really are everywhere:

So that's the really quick Barcelona edition of three things Thursday. Enjoy your Thursday!

1 comment:

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I LOVE Barcelona! One of my favourite cities ever! Have some sangria and tapas for me please!