Tuesday, April 09, 2013

what i learned on this weekend's long run

Since long runs are more than just teaching your body to run farther, even when it is unpleasant, I'm always glad when things go wrong during a long run rather than a race (because even if you aren't trying to PR at a race, it is nice to have a fun experience). This weekend's long run was definitely one where I had a rough go and was glad it wasn't race day. Here are a few things I learned.

1 - Larabars are NOT good running snacks for me. I've been eating granola bars on my long runs for the last few weeks and they've worked out pretty well so I thought I'd try a Larabar. This was a terrible idea. I almost immediately got a cramp and felt sick for pretty much the rest of the run. They will now only be making the cut as a post-run snack. (I'm shuddering just thinking about how terrible I felt)

2 - The "my legs hate me" feeling really can last an entire long run.

3 - Even when I feel like garbage, I can maintain an ok pace.

4 - Having someone to share your misery is very helpful.

I have no pictures to really illustrate my misery during that run, so instead I'll post a much happier picture of my favourite statues in Boston - taken last year. It's almost Marathon Monday after all.

Any lessons learned this weekend?


Leigh said...

Cramps during running are the absolute worst thing! How far did you run? I can't remember, what are you training for again?

Caroline said...

I learned that when one is injured, that one should NOT be running and should be resting even if she does not want to.

kristen said...

I don't get cramps or stitches often...so when I do I'm not very good at handling them. This one turned into full-on wanting to vomit though. Which sucked a lot. Though I think that's a typical occurrence for Caroline...

Caro - I hope you're starting to feel less injured! I know you've been trying to be "good" and rest and rehab!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I once ate a Larabar and 30 minutes later was puking my guts up. Glad I didn't eat it while running! They are banned from my house.

Love the Boston pictures!

kristen said...

Uh crap. I literally just ate half a lara bar and am going out for a long run in an hour.