Thursday, April 18, 2013

three things thursday - the happiness file edition

When I lived in Ottawa, the local CTV news station had a "happiness file" every evening on the news. It was super cheesy and had local things like "Doris McCarthy is turning 92 today. Happy Birthday Doris!" It felt kind of ridiculous because Ottawa isn't a town but rather a city and it felt really "small town." But sometimes I miss it - because it was simple, celebrated joy, and it was called the happiness file... So because of that - three happy things on the happiness file edition of three things thursday.

1- This Happy Dance. Mesmerizing and happy.
(i can't remember where I fond it - otherwise I'd source it!)
2 - Dogs and kids are adorable together. This list of 27 dogs that will do anything for kids is pretty great. I think you have to hate both dogs and kids not to smile when you look through the list.

3- There is something on Reddit called "Random acts of Pizza." People send pizza to random people who are in need, down, need a smile, just like pizza...anyone can send pizza to anyone. I love it!

So there you go - a happiness file! Now...tear yourself away from the Happy Dance gif and go spread some happiness.

Have you been on the receiving end of any kindness lately?


Rebecca said...

haha, nice happy dance!

Linda said...

On the happiness note, my boss, the big boss, just gave me 5 dresses from her closet for my upcoming vacation, and has done more to further my career in the last month than all other supervisors have in the last 5 years... kindness / love is all around!

Caroline said...

Receiving end of kindness...yes big of my friend gave up her race last Sunday to walk a half marathon with me. We were signed up for the same race and because of my knee injury I could not run and she is a much better runner than I am and she stayed with me for the whole 13 miles