Friday, April 05, 2013

three things friday - the links edition

I'm struggling a bit with feeling that I have anything of interest to say. I'm running, I'm working, I joined a gym the other month and I'm really enjoying it, and I'm doing school work. But there are people all over the internet saying funny and interesting things. So today's three things thursday Friday- links to thinks that have made me laugh or smile.

Thing 1 - Bacon condoms exist. I like bacon...but I don't think these would be my thing. Though I suppose it could eventually trigger some interesting responses every time you smelled bacon...

Thing 2 - 17 short videos. I don't know why the penguin cracked my up so much but it really did.

Thing 3 - A parody of Taylor Swift's 22 music video. And I'm not sure why - but a few of the comments on the video made me giggle. Especially "never sing again."

Yeah - I know it is Friday and not Thursday, but why not? I hope you have a great weekend. What made you laugh thanks to the internets this week?


Leigh said...

Bacon flavoured condoms....can't say I'll be rushing out to buy those! That video is hilarious!

Leslie said...

Bacon condoms! You really can buy pretty much everything! Ha ha ha