Tuesday, March 05, 2013

winter weekend in vermont

After a busy week last week, it was great to take off for the weekend and to mostly unplug. We headed to southern Vermont for some winter fun. Skiing, tubing, eating, and game playing...it was nice to get out of the city, be outside, and laugh with friends.

Something you don't forget when you used to ski quite a bit but don't anymore: how to ski. Something you do forget when you used to ski quite a bit but don't anymore: the difference between how warm it is at the bottom of the mountain, but how cold it is at the top (and on the chair lift).

bottom of Mount Snow - sunny, reasonably warm
Top of Mount Snow - chilly, very frosty.
Something that sounds like it should be fun and ends up being and absolute blast? Tubing at a ski hill.
Sure, we were the oldest on the hill - but we had the best time.
 Something you don't expect to see at the liquor store: moonshine in mason jars.
Peach, Cherry, or Plain? (no, we didn't buy it)
Since I've been sick of winter, it was nice to get out and enjoy the snow - just to remind me that snow isn't ALL bad. Too bad it couldn't just stick to the ski hills and magically not fall in the city. How great would that be? (the answer is pretty great...just in case you were wondering) Ok - I'll let you answer for real - would you find it great or weird if the snow only fell where it was convenient for it to fall?


Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby. said...

that cherry moonshine looks interesting!!

Anonymous said...

I have said for a few years that snow it only good for skiing so it should stay in the mountains........but this winter 3 step kids have given me a little perspective and I'd have to disagree. I'd now miss the city snow terribly if it went away. But I could deal with a few less months of it!


Laura said...

I would totally be on the Winter train if it went were I wanted it to. Someday I'll control the weather....someday....