Thursday, March 28, 2013

three things thursday - the oh dear edition

Happy Thursday everyone! Without too much intro - three things.

Thing 1: I'm changing m commenting so that I don't allow Anonymous comments. I've had a decent amount of spam lately (so I started moderating comments on any post older than 14 days) but this is what made me make the change:
say whaaaaaa?
Yes - that's 252 new emails, 250 of which are Anonymous spam comments. Even just deleting those emails...ain't nobody got time for that!

Thing 2: Yesterday, I saw a girl run by my house with a DiskMan. the day where the ipod or other mp3 player is around making your running life great because it doesn't weigh much and doesn't skip, I saw someone running with a portable CD player. I really wanted to know what she was listening to and how many steps she could run without the CD skipping.

Thing 3: I also saw a man running (this time when I was on my run) with an empty baby stroller. My guess is that he was running somewhere to get his child (or as someone else pointed out - maybe he was practicing for when the baby is born), but I wonder how many strange looks he got. I also wonder how many cracks about "hey, you lost your kid" he got. It definitely made me do a double take.

I hope wherever you are, that this is a long weekend for you...and I'm a little jealous if you get the four day weekend.

What's the last thing you saw that made you pull a Vanderbeek Style Double take?


Bean said...

Hate spam comments - on wordpress on a self-hosting account I got oodles of spam when I first started the blog last year- almost all get sent to my spam comment holder. But - many good comments get sent into the spam by mistake - but at least I don't have to read millions of comments on meeting girls, NBA sports clothing and SEO enhancement....

Bean said...

oh and Bean is apparently my Google/Blogger name - I should change that.....It is Rebecca btw :-)

Falon said...

Bahaha the disc man is classic, perhaps too classic for running. I had to adios the anonymous comments too... it was like the spammers came on all of the sudden and BAMM 45 emails in 10 minutes.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yah that's a bit of spam!

Wow you must really need to listen to music when running to pull out the discman!

Those are 2 valid reasons for running with an empty jogging stroller. I would definitely do a double take if I saw that.

I can't think of anything recently that has made me do a double take. Too tired to notice much around me I guess!

Leigh said...

I've been getting a shit tonne of spam lately too. It's so annoying. Darn you spambots! I actually saw a lady a couple weeks ago while I was running at lunch with a discman. It just seems so inconvenient to use one. It's like oh darn, I forgot that this cd sucks. Too late now

Runner Leana said...

252 spam comments? I was catching up on blogs and noticed you had moderation in place now. Makes sense!! I hate spam.

Heather said...

I have had a bazillion spam comments lately too. super annoying.

I used to work out with a discamn in university... it was a new shockwave thing and it was awesome.

I ran with an empty stroller once. Matt and I were walking/running and Zoey was pissed off so he walked with her in the ergo and I ran home with the stroller. It was so light!