Tuesday, March 26, 2013

instead of blogging

Instead of blogging, I've been:

  • Running - had yet another solo long run this weekend (I think that's 3 or 4 in a row!) and even though I thought it would be a rough one, it was actually quite nice. I think the sidewalks and paths that were clear of snow and ice (for the most part) made a huge difference.
  • Socializing - went to one of the strangest places ever for an evening with the girls. The random characters at the bar kept us confused and somewhat entertained...between the overly refilled water glasses, under filled wine glasses and getting silverware dropped on our heads.
  • Eating - Jordan made fried chicken on Sunday and you'd think that eating chicken wouldn't be notable, but this is. The "JFC" (or en fran├žais - PFJ) is noteworthy and delightful.

mmm...fried goodness
  • Doing my Taxes - I really do understand why I pay taxes and I am happy to pay taxes to make the country function. But I hate that I live in the province with the highest tax rate that also happens to be known for corruption scandals. If I was confident my taxes weren't paying for inflated bridge building contracts, I'd be a much happier tax payer.
  • Enjoying the sunshine - it has been so nice to see the sun! Yesterday I had to go for a walk and a run just to take advantage of it and to start replenishing my vitamin D after the looong winter. I'm sure winter isn't 100% over, but the last few days have given me hope. I think I even saw some crocus leaves trying to push their way through the snow.
So what have you been doing?

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Heather said...

You forgot to mention having supper with your sis!