Thursday, March 28, 2013

three things thursday - the oh dear edition

Happy Thursday everyone! Without too much intro - three things.

Thing 1: I'm changing m commenting so that I don't allow Anonymous comments. I've had a decent amount of spam lately (so I started moderating comments on any post older than 14 days) but this is what made me make the change:
say whaaaaaa?
Yes - that's 252 new emails, 250 of which are Anonymous spam comments. Even just deleting those emails...ain't nobody got time for that!

Thing 2: Yesterday, I saw a girl run by my house with a DiskMan. the day where the ipod or other mp3 player is around making your running life great because it doesn't weigh much and doesn't skip, I saw someone running with a portable CD player. I really wanted to know what she was listening to and how many steps she could run without the CD skipping.

Thing 3: I also saw a man running (this time when I was on my run) with an empty baby stroller. My guess is that he was running somewhere to get his child (or as someone else pointed out - maybe he was practicing for when the baby is born), but I wonder how many strange looks he got. I also wonder how many cracks about "hey, you lost your kid" he got. It definitely made me do a double take.

I hope wherever you are, that this is a long weekend for you...and I'm a little jealous if you get the four day weekend.

What's the last thing you saw that made you pull a Vanderbeek Style Double take?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

instead of blogging

Instead of blogging, I've been:

  • Running - had yet another solo long run this weekend (I think that's 3 or 4 in a row!) and even though I thought it would be a rough one, it was actually quite nice. I think the sidewalks and paths that were clear of snow and ice (for the most part) made a huge difference.
  • Socializing - went to one of the strangest places ever for an evening with the girls. The random characters at the bar kept us confused and somewhat entertained...between the overly refilled water glasses, under filled wine glasses and getting silverware dropped on our heads.
  • Eating - Jordan made fried chicken on Sunday and you'd think that eating chicken wouldn't be notable, but this is. The "JFC" (or en fran├žais - PFJ) is noteworthy and delightful.

mmm...fried goodness
  • Doing my Taxes - I really do understand why I pay taxes and I am happy to pay taxes to make the country function. But I hate that I live in the province with the highest tax rate that also happens to be known for corruption scandals. If I was confident my taxes weren't paying for inflated bridge building contracts, I'd be a much happier tax payer.
  • Enjoying the sunshine - it has been so nice to see the sun! Yesterday I had to go for a walk and a run just to take advantage of it and to start replenishing my vitamin D after the looong winter. I'm sure winter isn't 100% over, but the last few days have given me hope. I think I even saw some crocus leaves trying to push their way through the snow.
So what have you been doing?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

three things thursday - the happy spring edition

Happy spring! In our neck of the woods, we celebrated spring by cleaning up about a foot of snow. I'd complain, but I'm holding out hope that it was the last big snow storm of the year so I'm smiling through the snow :)

Without further ado - three things for the happy spring edition:

Thing 1 - Speaking of the storm, I'm so very glad this is not our car and that I didn't have to dig this out:
back middle - i'm so sorry you have to dig out all that snow
Thing 2 - Since it is spring, Jordan's winter beard is gone. But obviously, it had to be a multi-stage, multi-day event. First it was the Irish Policeman for St. Patrick's day and then some sort of cowboy-stache after that. We decided that his first look was very Liev Schriber in X-Men the first time, so had to find a movie character for look two. Warning - you're going to wish you were me and were married to him once you see the facial hair...

Thing 3 - My running allergy is still going strong. I'm still getting itchy hives when I run and they are especially bad when I run fast/hard. I came home from my tempo run last week (the sidewalks were so clear...hopefully they clear up again soon so that I can do some more faster running) and the hives were the worst they had been in months. I really do think it has something to do with effort. Though when I am working hard at the gym, it doesn't it is definitely something about the running. The good news is, it is just the itchy hives and nothing respiratory.

Happy Thursday and Happy Spring!  What sign of spring are you most looking forward to as something that means it is actually spring?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the death of google reader

I'm going to try Bloglovin to see how it goes...I'll let you know if I hate it and give up.
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be awesome

I came across this as a part of a 25 things to do when you're feeling down list. I'm not feeling down but many of them were things you should just do anyway. This one was my favourite.
(by chibird)
It is way too easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. This person is a faster runner, is farther ahead in his or her career, is in a better life situation, has nicer hair...blah blah... I'm sure without even realizing it, I compare myself to others countless times a day. And I guess it isn't the actual comparing that can be the problem - it's the judgement that goes along with it - because it is so easy to convince yourself you are "less than" just because you are "different than."

The mathematicians figured it out a long time ago, and there are all sorts of symbols like <, >, and ≠ and they are not the same my goal is to forget the less than and to remember that different is good.

What's awesome about you?

(and if you do go to the link - I'll admit that #2 was pretty great too and might actually be my favourite...)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

still happy ever after?

This is pretty great:

I've always wondered what happened to those princesses after they went off into the sunset...but this guy put it into song. 

Happy Thursday! (and as we all slowly mourn the loss of google reader, let me know any alternatives you find that you like)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

banana who?

I guess in theory, the sign is right - that is not a banana. It is a piece of paper with a drawing of a banana on it. But such a strange sight to see while walking down the street.

I'll be on the lookout for more fruit (or non-fruit?) in the days to come.

Monday, March 11, 2013

on my own

My last couple of long runs have been solo - something that doesn't happen all that often. What I noticed was that the toughest part of these solo long runs has been the first half hour. The first half hour of a long run is tough regardless - my body isn't ready to run yet and my mind is usually going a mile a minute thinking "if you feel this crappy NOW, how are you going to make it?!?" When I'm running with friends, my body is still rebelling, but at least I'm chatting or listening to stories - so I can ignore that little voice in the back of my mind.
no, i wasn't miserable...but the title is my favourite song :)
Since the first half of my run yesterday was pretty much all uphill, I definitely struggled that first half hour. But once that part was over - I really had a great run. It was warm, I was running in the park with so many other people enjoying their Sunday, and even though my legs were feeling the "mountain run" by the end, I felt pretty good as I sat down for my solo post-run coffee. Even though I love running with my friends, sometimes it's good to spend some me-time out there.

What is the hardest part of running alone for you? Or do you find it harder to run with people?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

winter weekend in vermont

After a busy week last week, it was great to take off for the weekend and to mostly unplug. We headed to southern Vermont for some winter fun. Skiing, tubing, eating, and game was nice to get out of the city, be outside, and laugh with friends.

Something you don't forget when you used to ski quite a bit but don't anymore: how to ski. Something you do forget when you used to ski quite a bit but don't anymore: the difference between how warm it is at the bottom of the mountain, but how cold it is at the top (and on the chair lift).

bottom of Mount Snow - sunny, reasonably warm
Top of Mount Snow - chilly, very frosty.
Something that sounds like it should be fun and ends up being and absolute blast? Tubing at a ski hill.
Sure, we were the oldest on the hill - but we had the best time.
 Something you don't expect to see at the liquor store: moonshine in mason jars.
Peach, Cherry, or Plain? (no, we didn't buy it)
Since I've been sick of winter, it was nice to get out and enjoy the snow - just to remind me that snow isn't ALL bad. Too bad it couldn't just stick to the ski hills and magically not fall in the city. How great would that be? (the answer is pretty great...just in case you were wondering) Ok - I'll let you answer for real - would you find it great or weird if the snow only fell where it was convenient for it to fall?