Wednesday, February 13, 2013

someone has a sense of humour

Someone at Apple must be either a Sens fan or a Swede who loves hockey.

(thank you to Liz and to Jesse for checking it out after I heard that it was happening in Ottawa and thought that maybe if you were somewhere else it might show a hockey player from your home team...)

For those of you who are Siri users (my phone doesn't have that function) - anything strange or hilarious you've come across?


Runner Leana said...

I've pretty well given up on Siri because it is useless here in Canada, but that's funny! Yup, I got Daniel Alfredson too.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yah my friends told me about that yesterday!

Siri is good for entertainment. I asked her to marry me the other day and she said its against her end user licensing agreement! She cracks me up!

Michelle said...

I love stuff like that! Can't wait to try it out!