Friday, February 08, 2013

friday frustrations

I'll try to make this lighthearted but it is Friday - so I just need to get the frustrations out.

  • I like to run. I train for races. Sometimes things hurt and in fact, sometimes things unrelated to running hurt. Much like headaches - abdominal pain happens. Whether it is happening monthly or just isn't a "get out of jail free card...tee hee hee." It's pain. And you adjust things accordingly. Saying you have a monthly get out of jail free card just encourages the "women become hysterical due to hormones" opinion.  
  • I live in Canada. In a part of Canada that has "real" winter. I shouldn't be frustrated with winter in February...because it should be cold and snowy in February. But when all the stores are coming out with their spring lines and people are talking about signs of spring...I get frustrated that it is still winter and that spring is a looong way away.
  • Too many hashtags on random words. It looks weird. Also, I think that technically, now that you can search by word on twitter, we could kill the hashtag.
And just to counterpoint - something not frustrating:
I really liked the first movie, so I'm really excited for Spirit of the Marathon II. And it is in Rome!

Plus - It's Friday!! Bring on the Weekend! Any big weekend plans? Excited for Spirit of the Marathon II? (and if you like running and haven't seen the first one - do it!)

ETA: another frustration today - computers and the internet. Spent almost an hour on the phone with my internet service provider...ARGH. 


Leigh said...

Haha this was great. I know exactly who wrote the "get out of jail free card" post and does not surprise me one bit. Not a huge fan of her blog. And totally agree with the overuse of hashtags as you know.

Rebecca said...

haha "get out of jail free card" - yeah, I don't know about that one. As you said "adjust things accordingly" is what I tend to do.

I tend to unfollow those who over-hashtag. One person used to hashtag at the end of every tweet - which is another whhhyyy moment

Heather said...

I think you should write something poetic about your computer pain. Because everyone loves reading poems about something no one cares about.

kristen said...

@Heather - i think you've described almost every poem ever written.

Caroline said...

I loved the first movie!
makes me believe I could do it too!
looking forward to the 2nd one!

Caroline said...

I am lost with the get out of jail card thing...

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Also lost with the "get out of jail card"... What am I missing?

I feel the same way about winter and all the spring stuff coming out! So depressing! I go looking for winter clothes and all I can find are things totally inappropriate for -15 and snow. Same goes for fall clothes in July/August! I'm finally wearing the spring clothes I bought in March!

Runner Leana said...

There is a second spirit of the marathon coming out? I would love to see that! I'd like to rewatch the first one again since I'm thinking about running Chicago (next year though).