Wednesday, January 23, 2013

random wednesday

So we're in a total deep freeze here in Montreal. The temperatures are such that you walk outside and your nostrils immediately freeze (if you haven't ever felt that cold - it's kind of weird), if the wind picks up and makes your eyes water those tears freeze (both on your face and in your eyes), and it is just not nice to be outside. I know it is boring to talk about the weather - but extremes always seem so notable. Regardless, a few random weather-related and non-weather things:

  • It actually is possible to dress to run in most temperatures. It was really cold yesterday and I went for a run and most of my body was perfectly toasty. The big exception was my face - because I find that most scarves or gaiters (i think that's what they're called) don't stay on my face well and I haven't upgraded to a balaclava. So I kept it short - but still got out for a run.
  • Said run ripped open a blister that I forgot I had (from running in the slush on Sunday) and I came home to a bloody heel, sock, and shoe. Yuck.
  • I know of at least four people who are celebrating their birthdays today. Happy Birthday to all of you! (and if you want to get someone a present, I know that Susie wants a little doll a donation to help fund cancer research)
  • It is probably old news by now and you don't want to hear more about Lance, but I've read a few reactions from elite athletes that I thought were really good. Here's one from Lauren Fleshman (an elite runner) and then two top triathletes - who don't want Lance to come play. There are tonnes of reactions from cyclists - both ex-dopers and non-dopers. None were really impressed. I think that says a lot.
And so that I'm a good blogger - questions that are barely related to my post:
How cold is too cold for you to go outside? Do you put your left or right sock on first? Coke or Pepsi?


Michelle said...

How annoying and self-centred is old Lancey... just makes me sad that such people get so much praise.

Yes - it's cold outside! It's never too cold to go outside (I grew up in the prairies east of Edmonchuck), but with baby I hesitate. And I am starting to go crazy. Can't imagine this all. winter. long....

Jill said...

1) I can go outside in any temperature. I only run outside if the temperature is greater than 40 degrees because I have asthma and don't want my lungs screaming at me.

2) Left. Always left.

3) Pepsi.

I'm bored/tired/annoyed with Lance.

Rebecca said...

yeah, sick of Lance - I never really liked him anyways...


1) No it isn't, but the fact that I'm not at work today means I "cannot be seen", (for a legit reason - more worried about parents/students seeing me) so no going out for me...

2) Left I think??? I don't know

3) Coke!

Leana said...

I haven't watched Lance's interview yet but I gathered that people did not feel he was apologetic at all. I'll have to read those links you posted.

How cold is too cold for you to go outside? Past -20, but it really depends on how bad the wind chill is.
Do you put your left or right sock on first? Right.
Coke or Pepsi? Coke. Preferably Cherry.