Monday, January 14, 2013


Since I got back from Italy in October, my Garmin has been lonely. I think I wore it on my first run back when I got home, but after that, I just left it on the shelf. I wasn't training for anything, I wasn't trying to run any specific distances or paces, so I decided to just leave the Garmin alone and run at the speed that felt right, for either the time that I had, or the amount of time that felt right. It has been nice. No pressure, no numbers, just running.
lonely Garmin - hasn't been charged in months
Now that it's a new year and I have a race to train for, it's probably time to plug in the Garmin, run with a little more purpose, and stick to a schedule. So I set out for my runs this weekend knowing that they were probably my last Garmin-less runs for the next few months. I won't be ruled by the numbers, but I will pay attention - so nice not to have to think about them for those last two runs.

Due to unseasonably warm weather, yesterday's run ended in being soaking wet - not from sweat (even unseasonably warm winter is still the winter) but from the POURING rain. Running in the strange. Even though I'm enjoying the break from the cold, it is a little disconcerting. Never fear, however - back to winter later this week:
Today vs Friday
Not so excited to be back to that kind of windchill, but kind of excited to think about training for another half-marathon and to see what happens.

Are you a slave to the numbers or are you more of a free spirit when you run?


Leigh said...

Unless I know the route that I am running, I usually wear my Garmin just so I know the distance. What race are you training for?

Rebecca said...

I think training with a Garmin has made running the 5K and the 10K a bit easier and I've stayed more consistent. But - I learned with my last two races that I kind of know how fast I'm going anyways.

In terms of distance measurement - I know where all the 3K-5K-10K and 16K marks are on the Ottawa River I just run :-)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm a garmin whore! I need her for every run- even the treadmill ones! Good for you!

emi said...

i love not knowing the exact distance and taking a little break from tracking my runs..looks chilly where you live! love your blog and now following you! XO

Caroline said...

ahhhhh welllllll I am very attached to my Garmin...I dont look at it that much while I run. I like to have it to know what "feeling good" while running = have an idea