Monday, January 21, 2013

climate change? (an odd run)

Yesterday was an odd day weather-wise for anyone living in my part of the world. We woke up to a random thunderstorm and rain, the skies cleared and we had sun, then the wind picked up to bring thundersnow (yes...thundersnow), snow squalls, and wicked cold temperatures. Guess what I was doing in this? Yup, running.

It started out quite nicely fact, when I was stopped at a light and got a text from a friend. I replied with "My feet are SOAKED and I'm overdressed because I was afraid of the wind." I had taken my headband off so that my ears weren't covered and my gloves were in my pocket instead of on my hands. I even took a couple of pictures of a scene I noticed the other week and thought was kind of fun:
all you need is love...and a chubby horse
But as I got about a quarter of the way through the "back" portion of my out and back, the weather turned. The wind picked up to the point where I could barely run into it, I had to duck into a building to zip my jacked back up and put my warm layers back on, and all of a sudden I was running in a blizzard instead of on a sunny January morning. The peak of weirdness came with the flash of lightning, the huge clap of thunder, and the grains (grains, not flakes...there was nothing flaky about it)  of snow stinging my cheeks, and the almost whiteout conditions. I really wish I there had been a sheltered place for me to take a picture of the "after" to go with my nice weather shots...

Such an odd weekend of weather that not only made me have a headache all weekend thanks to the extreme temperature shifts, but must be the work of climate change. Or are you one of the people who don't believe in it?

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