Tuesday, January 08, 2013

bring it

The fall of 2012 wasn't my favourite. It started off ok - the weather was great, I had fun running and trying to gain some speed (and had an unfortunate incident at my goal race...but I didn't worry too much about that), and I had a good time in Italy. But after that - I didn't like it all that much. There wasn't a "big" incident that made it bad and it wasn't "bad" really. I just didn't have my normal levels of pep, happiness, and enthusiasm.

This was especially true at the end of November and into December. Work was stressful (layoffs were looming and morale at work was pretty awful) and I was doing a really poor job of balancing school, work, and life. I wasn't exercising as much as usual, I wasn't eating as well as I normally do, and I was probably drinking more than I normally do as well (but it was "Citrouille" season...can you blame me?). Add a consistently sick husband into that, and it just wasn't my favourite fall (and it wasn't his favourite either).

While I realize that none of these are big problems (some may call them the controversially named 'first world problems'), they still meant that I spend more time feeling low energy, more evenings sitting on the couch, and more mornings wishing I could stay in bed than I'd like. So even though I'm not a resolution maker, I have definitely been looking at these next few weeks as a way to hit the reset button and to get back to being a little more "me" than I was at the end of last year. I'm making sure I cook more, I'm setting up my training schedule for my April half marathon, and making other plans to make sure this happens.

Here's to being happier and more balanced. Bring it on 2013.


Cotter Crunch said...

wow, same here! first world problems but still problems. Cheers to new balance!

Suz said...

More balanced! I like it! However that pic of you with the bear is a bit frightening!!!

Sandra Engstrom said...

You can do it!!