Friday, December 14, 2012

more on running in the city

Despite that study that was published that has people claiming that running in the city makes you dumber (I haven't been able to find the actual study...but from what I gather what it says is not that it makes you dumber but rather that it means you don't get the brain gains that exercise would normally produce) if nothing else, it is really interesting. I've talked about eventful runs before - and it's really not getting much less eventful.

During yesterday's run, I helped a guy find an address after he asked if I had a "téléphone intelligent." Our interaction resulted in him telling me I shouldn't run in the middle of January because I'd catch cold ('s December and it was warm enough for me to be wearing capri pants) and then trying to sell me on this new band that he's managing...that's like Mumford and Sons. This interaction also would have taken place all in the middle of the road had I not said "hey - let's move to the corner here...I'd rather not get hit by a car" because he stopped me in the middle of crossing he street.

Once that part was over, I continued my run and laughed a little bit at my "city running" because it involved smelling: bus fumes, coffee, marijuana, subway (the sandwich not the mode of trasport), cigarettes, body odour, and really strong perfume. I also got to see a decorated bike (very festive), an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog (who loved my mitten), and 3 people run the same red light. Plus, I got to pick up a baguette and run home with it. Pretty great if you ask me.

So yeah, maybe it will make me dumber, but at least city running is entertaining. And hey - for now, it's all I've got.
Any eventful runs lately?


Rebecca said...

I'm laughing picturing you running with a giant baguette in your hand ;-)

Leana said...

Wow, those are a lot of delicious smells you got to inhale!

Wow, that guy wanted to tell you all of that in the middle of the street??