Tuesday, December 04, 2012

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

So this will probably be a pretty random post, but I feel like that's the state of my brain these days/ I'm trying to finish up my papers for the semester and I think that's taking the last bit of brain power that I have.

First off - my truth from Thursday: #4. I actually have not seen the Gangnam style video. I saw the Glee version of it - but I haven't seen the PSY version.(I still haven't had a big mac...)

Secondly, I have never been so thankful for the lunchtime run as I have in the last few weeks (especially last week). These days, the sun is setting before 4:30 so the only chance to get outside and get some runs done in daylight has been at lunch. Pair that with some fairly stressful weeks (that I was thankful to come out of with a job) and the lunch run has been my best friend. Stepping away from my desk and into the sun (well...most days have been at least light, if not sunny) has been the perfect stress relief.

Another stress relief - red lights, wood panelling, lots of plaid, good drinks, and great friends.
Bar de Courcelle
Sure, the bar isn't always the most constructive way to deal with stress...but every so often, it works well. And I stand by my decision to have a few drinks with friends at the end of a long and stressful November.


Laura said...

Gangam style makes me stabby.
Friends+chilling+cocktails is so the way to de-stress sometimes!

Rebecca said...

Every once and awhile we need to get out and have some fun! Remember in Uni when everyone did that all the time :-)