Wednesday, November 07, 2012

you win some, you lose some

Maybe I should reverse that to "you lose some, you win some" because I feel like ending on the "win" makes me feel a little happier. So with that, a few of my losses and wins as of late.

Loss: I was in Ottawa on Monday and couldn't change my train ticket to earlier in the evening to get home sooner. (I wasn't feeling well and din't want to wait around for the train.)

Win: Got to have Vietnamese Pho for dinner and chat with a friend. And I'm pretty sure Pho cures all.

Loss: I found out while ON the train home that my ticket had not in fact been booked for yesterday, but rather accidentally booked for next week. (and only found out when the guy who had my seat came and told me that I was in his seat...much staring at both of our tickets later, we realized mine was for the wrong day)

Win: When I talked with the agent on the train about what to do, he thought I was young enough to qualify for a "youth" discount. He was quite shocked when I told him I was in my 30s. And thank goodness you can buy a ticket on the train.

Loss: I'm still sick. So my running and exercise in general has been limited.

Win: Nothing wrong with a little rest?

Loss: Seriously - I'm still sick and it really sucks. My sinuses hurt, I can't go anywhere without kleenex and I now have a really nice chest cough. If I'm still sick on Thursday, I'm thinking of heading to the doctor to make sure I'm not dying. (yeah - this one is making me whiny)

Win: I can't really think of a win other than that I work from home so I'm not annoying anyone with my nose-blowing.

Totally not related, but I really think this picture is a win. I love these Halloween chocolate bars:
i like my coffin...crisp
That's me - still recovering and hoping to be healthy soon. What about you? Any wins and losses from the week?


Anonymous said...

Loss: I'm lying awake at 5am and have been for an hour

Win: you have a new blog post to make me smile!

I agree- pho cures all - keep eating it and feel better! I was looking @ pics on my phone yesterday and came across one of us having our picnic by the canal in may - also made me smile!


Laura said...

My win is 'your' loss..I was sick for almost a month before I finally kicked it all out of my system.
I ended up buying this oil of oregano nasal spray that felt like I was shooting pepper spray in my nasal passages.
Get better and eat chocolate!

Rebecca said...

Pho is super yummy - did you go to Somerset to get some?

My loss this week is definitely my shoulder/arm - it is limiting how much work I'm getting done this week.

Win? Starbucks Red Cup time!