Thursday, November 22, 2012

three things thursday - the american thanksgiving edition

Obviously real Thanksgiving happened last month but Happy Thanksgiving (and beginning of the Christmas season) to those of you celebrating in the USA. Especially to my family! Hope you guys are in your soft pants and drinking cocktails.

It is Thursday - so a sort of American three things.

1- Sesame Street is American right? So this counts. This picture is the background for one of my desktops. It makes me smile every day. It is from Simple Desktops - my favourite place for desktop wallpaper.
hey ernie!
2- Since I'm half American, I was trying to figure out if I could convince work that I should get half a day off today. But since I took a full day off on Canadian Thanksgiving, I'm not sure my reasoning is that sound...

3- I have run out of my precious Polar Seltzer. Must make a run for the border soon! I'm also really curious about their seasonal flavours. I think they currently have Mint Chocolate and Boston Cream Pie...and maybe even Hot Buttered Rum? Sounds really strange, but I'd give the Boston Cream Pie a taste.
sparkling goodness.
And just in case you wonder how a certain Brit who plays a famous vampire feels about Thanksgiving:

Have a great day! Be thankful no matter where you are, and be nice to each other.

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Leana said...

Happy half a Thanksgiving day to you!! :)