Friday, November 09, 2012

fundraising plug - auction november 14

Remember Susan (who prefers to be called Susie)? If you don't - she was diagnosed with cancer in June 2011. While the diagnosis sucked a lot - at least the description of "bulky and undesirable" was a little funny. Anyway - she was the recipient of a giant dose of internet kindness after her giant dose of harsh reality and now that she's in remission (hooray!!), she wants to give back.

For the full details - you can check out her (new) blog but the short story is she's running a half marathon with Team in Training and needs to raise a lot of money. In addition to bake sales and lots of emails, she's having an online auction to raise some funds.

Auction Details:
When: November 14 at 6:00 am to 16 at 11 pm (EST)
Where: Her blog Air Heart

Don't see anything you like on auction day? You can still donate. She'd be happy to take your money.

And because she's become a crazy dog lady, I must include a picture of Susie and her adorable dog Buster. If I can't convince you to donate, surely Buster can.
Buster says: DONATE
I'll remind you again next week! (and if you like Oiselle - a little bird told me that there will be an item from them up for auction)

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Marlene said...

Thanks for this! I always read the Balance blog but didn't realize she had started another one, or was running for TnT!