Tuesday, November 27, 2012

delicious discomfort

The other day at yoga, the teacher used the words "delicious discomfort" to describe what pigeon pose should feel like. Even though my hips were begging for surrender, I got to thinking about "delicious discomfort." Yeah, I know I'm not really supposed to be thinking during yoga...but I'm not so great at the turning off the mind part of yoga. But at least I was thinking about the class and not about my day or the week ahead right?

Regardless of what I should or should be thinking about during yoga, I've decided that "delicious discomfort" is a great way to re-frame the discomfort that comes along with new things, new situations, and stretching beyond my limits. It is hard to be uncomfortable, but it's pretty much impossible to succeed at anything, to grow, or to become better without it. So why not think of the discomfort as delicious instead of terrible?

Wanderlust Festival Whistler 2012
(photo by lululemon)
Here's to new things and trying to embrace the discomfort that goes along with them.

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Jill said...

Love this phrase!