Thursday, November 08, 2012

be present

I decided that although I'm still not 100%, my body needed movement of some kind - there are only so may days of sitting around that I can handle. Instead of going for a run, I decided it would be smarter to head to a yoga class. I hadn't been since the first week of October and as it seems to happen when I've been away from yoga, it was exactly what I needed.

Other than the stretching and the sweating, the best part came from something the instructor said. She said "You only get to live each moment once. So be present." Sure, you could go all "YOLO" with that statement and get carried away with feelings of "must. make. every. moment. the best one EVER." But instead, I thought about the second part. About being present. How many times am I thinking four steps ahead instead of being in the moment? How many times am I on my phone or trying to multi-task instead of just doing one thing? Too many.

Despite the fact that things are going crazy at work and that I have a tonne to do at school, my goal for the weeks to come is to be present. I only get to experience each moment once...may as well be present.


~Nathalie~ said...

Great, great post!
I think I will make a conscious effort to follow suit.

Leana said...

That is a great goal! I much prefer that sentiment over YOLO. said...

I followed your YOLO link and learned my something new today.

Marlene said...

I always struggle with this! I have a hard time doing/thinking about one thing at a time.. it's like perpetually multi-tasking (multi-thinking). Good reminder!