Wednesday, November 14, 2012

auction and other air searches

Just a reminder that there's an Auction going on starting today. Click on over to Air Heart to check out the items.

In random news - I accidentally typed "air" into google instead of into my url bar when I was trying to bring up Susie's blog. Did you know that there's a French band named "Air"? They're a duo who named their band "Air" as an acronym of sorts that represents Amour, Imagination, et Rêve. If you image search them, they're kind of creepy looking in their official photos. But...I youtubed them and I don't mind the music.

So to wrap up: Go check out the auction and sometimes google leads you down a strange path of finding random new music. Have a great Wednesday!

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Ali Mc said...

I knew of this song by Air but I can't tell if it's the same group ;) lol