Thursday, November 29, 2012

three things thursday - three lies and a truth edition

Sure, this is technically four things. Sure, it is usually two truths and a lie but lies are more fun aren't they? So here we go - three are lies, one is the truth:

1 - Believe it or not, I finally had my first Big Mac over the summer. C'est ça que j'm indeed.

2 - Believe it or not, I've never been to Saskatchewan - and I lived just a province away for most of my life.
No Saskatchewan sky is ever the same.
(photo by Just a Prairie Boy)

3 - Believe it or not, since I work from home, I only have one pair of dress pants that fits.

4 - Believe it or not, I've never seen the Gangnam Style video.

Truth? Lies? Tell me a few lies and a truth.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i don't even want to know...

Google astounds me sometimes.

and no - there is no baby in my belly. i was looking for a certain baby meme.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

delicious discomfort

The other day at yoga, the teacher used the words "delicious discomfort" to describe what pigeon pose should feel like. Even though my hips were begging for surrender, I got to thinking about "delicious discomfort." Yeah, I know I'm not really supposed to be thinking during yoga...but I'm not so great at the turning off the mind part of yoga. But at least I was thinking about the class and not about my day or the week ahead right?

Regardless of what I should or should be thinking about during yoga, I've decided that "delicious discomfort" is a great way to re-frame the discomfort that comes along with new things, new situations, and stretching beyond my limits. It is hard to be uncomfortable, but it's pretty much impossible to succeed at anything, to grow, or to become better without it. So why not think of the discomfort as delicious instead of terrible?

Wanderlust Festival Whistler 2012
(photo by lululemon)
Here's to new things and trying to embrace the discomfort that goes along with them.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

three things thursday - the american thanksgiving edition

Obviously real Thanksgiving happened last month but Happy Thanksgiving (and beginning of the Christmas season) to those of you celebrating in the USA. Especially to my family! Hope you guys are in your soft pants and drinking cocktails.

It is Thursday - so a sort of American three things.

1- Sesame Street is American right? So this counts. This picture is the background for one of my desktops. It makes me smile every day. It is from Simple Desktops - my favourite place for desktop wallpaper.
hey ernie!
2- Since I'm half American, I was trying to figure out if I could convince work that I should get half a day off today. But since I took a full day off on Canadian Thanksgiving, I'm not sure my reasoning is that sound...

3- I have run out of my precious Polar Seltzer. Must make a run for the border soon! I'm also really curious about their seasonal flavours. I think they currently have Mint Chocolate and Boston Cream Pie...and maybe even Hot Buttered Rum? Sounds really strange, but I'd give the Boston Cream Pie a taste.
sparkling goodness.
And just in case you wonder how a certain Brit who plays a famous vampire feels about Thanksgiving:

Have a great day! Be thankful no matter where you are, and be nice to each other.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

running it out

You know when you have no reason to feel extra crappy but you just do? Well that was me yesterday. All day (and actually, a lot of Sunday too) I felt cranky and down. Despite the sun streaming through my window, good coffee, and good music all day, I couldn't shake my "case of the Mondays." Luckily, a run, a sunset, and some good music made it all better. It is amazing how much better getting outside and moving can make you feel.
Sunset in the Sud Ouest
Now if only the sunset wasn't happening before 4:30...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

auction and other air searches

Just a reminder that there's an Auction going on starting today. Click on over to Air Heart to check out the items.

In random news - I accidentally typed "air" into google instead of into my url bar when I was trying to bring up Susie's blog. Did you know that there's a French band named "Air"? They're a duo who named their band "Air" as an acronym of sorts that represents Amour, Imagination, et Rêve. If you image search them, they're kind of creepy looking in their official photos. But...I youtubed them and I don't mind the music.

So to wrap up: Go check out the auction and sometimes google leads you down a strange path of finding random new music. Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, November 12, 2012

impossible montreal

So I spent a bunch of time this weekend participating in a Scavenger Hunt described as "impossible." I would tend to agree that yes, it was indeed impossible to do all of the tasks (list here). But we had a pretty good time trying.
we couldn't crash a wedding so we created a photoshoot
Some highlights of the weekend:

  • lots of laughing
  • getting Alex Despatie, Josh Cox, Dan Savage, and Rob Delaney. Plus John and Sherry from Young House Love. But they're so nice that I figured as long as they were tweeting that day, they'd help us out. Thanks YHL!
  • more laughing
  • learning that some of my friends have crazy photoshop skills
  • sending random video clips to our video editor and seeing him turn them into comedy gold
  • randomly running into someone I went to high school with at the final tally (and if we both went to high school in this city it would be somewhat weird...but we went to high school in Alberta)
  • Jordan's face after doing 5 shots of maple syrup in succession
  • laughing
a photo finish
Hopefully we'll have just as much fun next year.

Friday, November 09, 2012

fundraising plug - auction november 14

Remember Susan (who prefers to be called Susie)? If you don't - she was diagnosed with cancer in June 2011. While the diagnosis sucked a lot - at least the description of "bulky and undesirable" was a little funny. Anyway - she was the recipient of a giant dose of internet kindness after her giant dose of harsh reality and now that she's in remission (hooray!!), she wants to give back.

For the full details - you can check out her (new) blog but the short story is she's running a half marathon with Team in Training and needs to raise a lot of money. In addition to bake sales and lots of emails, she's having an online auction to raise some funds.

Auction Details:
When: November 14 at 6:00 am to 16 at 11 pm (EST)
Where: Her blog Air Heart

Don't see anything you like on auction day? You can still donate. She'd be happy to take your money.

And because she's become a crazy dog lady, I must include a picture of Susie and her adorable dog Buster. If I can't convince you to donate, surely Buster can.
Buster says: DONATE
I'll remind you again next week! (and if you like Oiselle - a little bird told me that there will be an item from them up for auction)

Thursday, November 08, 2012

be present

I decided that although I'm still not 100%, my body needed movement of some kind - there are only so may days of sitting around that I can handle. Instead of going for a run, I decided it would be smarter to head to a yoga class. I hadn't been since the first week of October and as it seems to happen when I've been away from yoga, it was exactly what I needed.

Other than the stretching and the sweating, the best part came from something the instructor said. She said "You only get to live each moment once. So be present." Sure, you could go all "YOLO" with that statement and get carried away with feelings of "must. make. every. moment. the best one EVER." But instead, I thought about the second part. About being present. How many times am I thinking four steps ahead instead of being in the moment? How many times am I on my phone or trying to multi-task instead of just doing one thing? Too many.

Despite the fact that things are going crazy at work and that I have a tonne to do at school, my goal for the weeks to come is to be present. I only get to experience each moment once...may as well be present.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

you win some, you lose some

Maybe I should reverse that to "you lose some, you win some" because I feel like ending on the "win" makes me feel a little happier. So with that, a few of my losses and wins as of late.

Loss: I was in Ottawa on Monday and couldn't change my train ticket to earlier in the evening to get home sooner. (I wasn't feeling well and din't want to wait around for the train.)

Win: Got to have Vietnamese Pho for dinner and chat with a friend. And I'm pretty sure Pho cures all.

Loss: I found out while ON the train home that my ticket had not in fact been booked for yesterday, but rather accidentally booked for next week. (and only found out when the guy who had my seat came and told me that I was in his seat...much staring at both of our tickets later, we realized mine was for the wrong day)

Win: When I talked with the agent on the train about what to do, he thought I was young enough to qualify for a "youth" discount. He was quite shocked when I told him I was in my 30s. And thank goodness you can buy a ticket on the train.

Loss: I'm still sick. So my running and exercise in general has been limited.

Win: Nothing wrong with a little rest?

Loss: Seriously - I'm still sick and it really sucks. My sinuses hurt, I can't go anywhere without kleenex and I now have a really nice chest cough. If I'm still sick on Thursday, I'm thinking of heading to the doctor to make sure I'm not dying. (yeah - this one is making me whiny)

Win: I can't really think of a win other than that I work from home so I'm not annoying anyone with my nose-blowing.

Totally not related, but I really think this picture is a win. I love these Halloween chocolate bars:
i like my coffin...crisp
That's me - still recovering and hoping to be healthy soon. What about you? Any wins and losses from the week?

Thursday, November 01, 2012

three things thursday - the i'm back edition

Despite the "radio silence" for the past week, I'm back! Rome was busy, exhausting, but great. As usual, it is taking a little bit to recover from two full graduate level courses in two very full weeks. My brain is fried and my body is suffering from a "post-international travel" cold. I'm just happy I'm sick now and not when I was there. So with that - here are three things today:

Thing 1 - On my way home, I learned that I can watch 2 movies, read an entire book, and write a conference abstract all in one day and still have time to be bored.
great book
Thing 2 - I always assume that airport food will be ridiculously expensive - so when I paid just over 6 euros for a big salad, a big bottle of water, a banana, and a small thing of nutella (yeah - had to get one last nutella dose in before coming home) I was pleasantly surprised. Then I had a layover at JFK in New York and saw a quasi oasis of healthy food choices amid the fast food. Price of a small turkey sandwich? More than NINE DOLLARS. And it was a small sandwich. Salads were similarly priced. I didn't expect food to be cheaper in Rome. (and no, I didn't buy the sandwich)

Thing 3 - Dorothy was right. There really is no place like home. Especially when that's where your husband is.