Monday, October 08, 2012


So about two years ago, (and I've mentioned this once before) I was hanging out at my friend Suz's place with a few people and helping them with their halloween costumes (they were headed to Salem for a halloween extravaganza). We were having fun and crafting away when I got a text message from Jordan. It read "I hit a deer carcass on the highway." I immediately texted back asking if anyone was injured (he was driving a co-worker as well) and luckily all was well, though the car wasn't drivable so they were waiting for the tow truck.

It turns out, what he thought was a deer carcass was actually a moose carcass. He was driving on the highway in the dark, came around a corner, and all of a sudden there was a dead animal in the middle of his lane. He didn't really have time to react and went right over it. Who knows if it was the angle, or the size of the moose, or what, but he really did just go over it. Yes, the moose ripped up the bottom of our car and it took a while to get everything fixed and the insurance figured out (oh the shock of the bill accidentally getting sent to us...), but by some twist of luck, our VW golf did not roll, did not skid, and just went right over the moose.

This weekend, I saw a headline in the newspaper that said "Two women seriously hurt after hitting moose near Magog." I didn't read the story because it felt too close to home. Then Jordan sent it to me with the message "could have been much worse for me" and I decided to read it. Pretty much exactly the same thing happened to these two women. Dark highway, dead moose, middle of the road. But unfortunately for these two women, the car rolled and the women were trapped inside.

So this Thanksgiving, I'm feeling sad for those women and their families (and very hopeful that they recover), but extra thankful that Jordan's incident resulted in no injuries.

Happy Thanksgiving! And if you're not Canadian - no reason not to be thankful anyway. If you want to - tell me something you're thankful for today.
Thanksgiving colours.


Linda said...

Nice Post! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hitting animals on the highway can be so scary!! I am eternally thankful for the people I love... no one else can cheer me up more than my little Will smiling at me or a hug and kiss from Pete. :)

Jordan said...

Same highway too.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow that's scary!!

I'm so thankful for my health and my family. So important but often we take them for granted.

Kara said...

When I first read that headline, I pictured an actual moose running people down. That would have been funnier :)