Tuesday, October 02, 2012

it had to happen eventually - a race report of sorts

So I ran a race on Sunday. A 10K race. It was a bit of a goal race - I was gunning for a PR (and a pretty big one) and I had a pretty "fast for me" goal time in mind that I knew was a long shot but that I thought if things lined up, it was possible. Spoiler alert: I did not PR or hit that time. But I did have a funny experience.

The course was partially on trail/paths and partially through the streets of a suburb. It started off with the trail and path portion. Which was great for me because the first 5K is when I started to experience some lower gastrointestinal distress. This has been happening a bit to me this summer - when I was putting out a lot of effort for speed work, my GI system got a little angry. Usually it wasn't too bad, but there were a couple of times that I had to cut an interval or two short or walk for 30 seconds to "calm" my GI system. Unfortunately, this time it was happening in a race. At first I thought it was just like any other time - so I kept going. But it wasn't getting any better. So I stopped and walked for about 30 seconds, hoping that would make it go away. It didn't. I tried another walk break and again, not helpful. And that is when I was very, very thankful that I was in the woods because if I had to pull a Paula Radcliffe, at least I could have some privacy.

So once that was over, I actually felt pretty good. I had lost a lot of time and knew I probably wouldn't make it up, but that didn't stop me from at least running a decent second half of the race. I think I ran a pretty quick second 5km and the only time I got passed was at the VERY end when two people came out of nowhere with some crazy kick in their legs. In fact - I finished the race and immediately worried I was going to throw up (a sure sign of pushing hard at the end) and had to push my way through people at the finish line because I needed to get out of the crowd...just in case. And then I started to laugh. How ridiculous would it have been to have thrown up after already having to take a pit stop in the woods?

I was one of the least "bundled up" people there - and yes, I'm wearing  only one arm warmer
Do I think I would have hit my goal time if I hadn't had to stop? Honestly - I'm not sure. The course was reasonably challenging, with some of it being run on a trail that was kind of sandy. One of the hills was pretty tough and it was raining - so some of the corners were a little greasy. I do think I would have   run a personal best but I'm not sure I would have hit that magical number I was hoping for (especially because my lungs have been a bit angry the last couple of weeks). But this at least makes for a funny story right?

So yeah - I wanted to run 49:59, but instead I took a little break in the woods, ran a negative split, and finished in about 52:30. I'm sure my guts will cooperate next time right?


Rebecca said...

it happens! One time I barely made it home....eek

haha your label 'well crap'

Anonymous said...

Oh! That is one of those things that I am worried about as I prepare to run the marathon in January. What to do if that happens?

Laura said...

You look awesome! Negative split and finding available, convenient woods are wins in my books.

Kara said...

We've all been there. :) Glad you had tree cover! Great job on the 10K!