Wednesday, September 05, 2012

what can you do to let it go?

Yesterday evening, I finally got my butt back to a yoga class. I've been doing some yoga on my own, but haven't been to an actual class in quite a while. Although the usual spots were super tight, I was surprised at how much better my body responded than I expected it too.

Near the end of class, we were sitting in a "yin" pose that I had never done before and since we were facing the back of the room and my back was to the teacher, I was having a hard time knowing what the pose actually was. I wasn't sure if I was sitting right or how my legs were supposed to be or how the pose was supposed to work. I was sitting there with my forehead on a block worrying I wasn't doing it right.

Just as my mind was racing with all of those thoughts, the teacher spoke up and said: For any of you who are thinking about your busy days or schedules or who are thinking a million thoughts...go back to your breath and think about what you can do to let it go. So I stopped thinking about it and just released into the pose - whether it was right or not. And it felt good. For the rest of the class, any time I started to think too much, I just thought "what can I do to let it go." 
(Robert Bejil Photography)
As someone who has a hard time letting things go, I'm hoping to extend that further than the yoga mat. I need to let go of the things that I am hanging on to. I need to let go of the things I cannot change. When I find my head spinning, I will ask myself "what can I do to let it go?" Maybe I'll start with these Quebec election results... 

Ever feel like you just need to let it go?


Caroline said...

yes all the time and I am the worst at has always been hard for me to let go...

the Quebec election is depressing me...I worry about what she will is pretty clear where she is headed..

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I need to practice this. It's affecting my sleep because my mind won't shut off!