Thursday, September 13, 2012

three things thursday - the i've got nothin' edition

I know it is probably better to not blog than to blog something stupid...but I'm feeling a little stupid so why the heck not.

Thing 1 - This picture is awesome:
there there...shut up
Thing 2 - My sister keeps sending me adorable videos of my niece. They are awesome and they make me wish that I got to see her every week instead of a few times a year. I especially love that ever since she sent me a picture of Zoey dancing to "Call me Maybe," instead of potentially finding the song annoying now that the summer is over (because it is clearly a summer song), I think of her. Pretty great.

Thing 3 - And because I love a good sign - this one has recently become one of my favourites:
the path matches the sign
Maybe I should build this section of the path into all of my runs.

Happy Thursday! Tell me a thing.


Rebecca said...

Tell you something: my online grad school course is confusing me......

Yea, I've got nothing. Just posted the most pointless blog post ever. Might as well put a picture of a flower or something

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What's with that sign? Why is the path like that? I'm confused...