Monday, September 10, 2012

on working from home

I work from home and therefore don't have much interaction with people during the day. Sure, I do via email and phone, but I spend a lot of time alone. I think it sometimes makes me crazy because I took some pretty silly pictures last week.

First - I noticed that Walter White had been parked outside my place for way too long:
he was probably cooking meth

Then, when a squirrel decided to visit, I took pictures. Yes, that's right...I took pictures of a squirrel. It's not as if they are rare around here...I guess it was just so strange to see one right at eye level that I decided to take pictures:

the squirrel and WW's car? wow.
Maybe I need to get a least taking pictures of dogs isn't as weird as taking pictures of other people's cars and random squirrels...

Happy Monday!


joggingjeans said...

A BB fan too?!

Jordan said...

Is the windshield still intact? If so, I don't think it's Heisenberg.