Friday, September 28, 2012

makes me smile

If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @moultgard) you'll have noticed that I've posted a photo a day with the hashtag #wtfsept. I'm not normally a "30 day challenge" kind of person, but when I saw the list of photos for the #wtfsept photo (and I hate to call it challenge) challenge, I thought it might be fun - plus you can't go wrong with the hashtag.

Yesterday's theme was "Makes Me Smile." While there are many things that make me smile, I ended up posting a picture I took at the end of my run the other day.

shut your pie hole
This is one of a few "walking men" along the running/walking path near my place. I think he looks a little like John Hodgman of Mac Commercial/Bored to Death fame but I'm sure he's just some guy who likes pie. And since this is Montreal and my neighbourhood is full of hipsters, he's just yet another guy with a moustache who likes pie. On that same path, another walking man that makes me smile:

so stealthy
This one is a little more out of place. I have yet to see a hipster ninja in my neighbourhood, so I'm going to go ahead and guess that this is just a plain old ninja. And since ninjas are stealthy, I'm not surprised I hadn't noticed the ninja presence until now. Life in this city is never boring.

What's making you smile today?


Anonymous said...

The fact that I have a 4-day weekend! :)

Caroline said...

I need to go find you on Instagram

My answer is my youngest son morning dance.....I want to wake up happy like him

Laura said...

Love these! They make me smile and I am sick sick sick so I don't have a lot to smile about today.
Except that I guess I am less sick than yesterday..