Friday, September 07, 2012

how short is too short - or - I'm old

As I was watching the news the other day, they were showing footage of kids at high school. I felt like it was pretty standard footage, but then I noticed what a couple of girls were wearing:
those are short shorts
I have a pair of those shorts. I sometimes run in them. When I bought them, my sister laughed at me and said my ass was practically showing and wondered why I would wear shorts that short for running but wore shorts down to the knee for every day. Since then, I have several pairs of shorts that are shorter than knee length for every day use, but those little black shorts are by FAR the shortest shorts I own and will ever own.

Here's the thing - GIRLS WERE WEARING THEM AT SCHOOL. To go to CLASS. And not gym class. Just call me Old Lady Moultgard but I was a little shocked that these shorts were being worn at school and not at the gym.

I think being shocked at what the high school kids are wearing these days officially makes me old.

Would you let your daughter wear those to school? Where would you draw the line at what is appropriate for school?


Leigh said...

No way would my daughter be wearing that at school! So inappropriate. The teacher should have made her go change!

Rebecca said...

I get a little ticked off at the girls sometimes when they wear the super short shorts. But then they get all pissy at me. If I can see your 'who-who' then, I am seeing WAY too much.

So at track, we are fond of the spandex, but spandex is only to be worn when you are racing. LuLuLemons hot yoga pants however, are the worse thing you can wear. It rides up and when the girls with big bottoms where them while racing, but the 50m mark, you can see their bums. Of course this gets my team into hysterical laughter every single time it happens.

I should take pictures of what the kids wear somedays, but I would probably get fired.

Michelle said...

My junior high had a "finger tip" rule for shorts and skirts. I don't know why they don't enforce that kind of thing any more. Young teenagers don't need to be wearing stuff to school that I never even would have been caught dead in at the bar on a Saturday night.

I also had a teacher who enforced his own dress code in his classroom. He didn't want anyone being able to accuse him of anything shady and that was even long before that became a standard concern. I've always thought that was smart of him.

I hope by the time I have teenagers we've rolled back around to the style we had in high school - oversized t-shirts and french baggy jeans.

Anonymous said...

If this makes you old, then I'm old too. :(

janelle said...

Growing up, I had a cousin who went to Catholic school - had to wear uniforms. He thought it was great, I thought it was so lame & repressed individuality.

As I get older, and think about having kids of our own, the more I'm in favor of uniforms vs. a battle with my child if they can wear booty shorts to school!

Kids in short shorts, get off my lawn!

Rebecca said...

janelle - some uniforms don't work, namely the kilts that the girls wear. They get pinned up really high that if they bend down, you can see everything

Heather said...

Not only are girls wearing short shorts, but apparently bare midriffs and see through shirts are the fashion. I can't even believe they are allowed out of the house like that. Maybe they pull the ole switcheroo once they leave for school. This year's stampede was especially worrying for Matt... We are in for trouble!

Caroline said...

not a chance I would let my daughter wear this.

this is the reason I wanted to have daughter would have hated having me as a mom!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yah those shorts are a little inappropriate for school!! There is no way Audrey will be leaving the house with those shorts on or in her bag!! I'm pretty sure her father would have a heart attack!

I find short shorts just ride up so even if they look ok they aren't very comfortably after 3 strides! I'm envious of the girls that can pull them off though.