Wednesday, September 19, 2012

better than the heat

I think I chose the rainiest time of day to do my run yesterday. At about 11, it started to rain and when I left at 12, it was POURING. I know that some people would decide to put the run off, but since I wanted to go to a yoga class in the evening, the lunch run was my only option.

As I ran, I saw a few drivers looking at me like I was a little crazy - here I was, running in the pouring rain and smiling about it. I felt like a few other people gave me a "now that's hardcore" look and I just wanted to turn and say "this is WAY better than running in the heat...AT LEAST IT ISN'T HOT AS BALLS!!"

Yes, I was really wet at the end of the run, but since I was only running about 3.1 and not 13.1 in the pouring rain, I had a lot of fun. I even got a laugh as I shrieked a little after getting splashed by a car.

And just to add something a little random that also made me smile yesterday - I had forgotten that the French word for zits is "boutons" - which also means buttons. Makes for a great mental picture.

pas de boutons pour moi!
Running in the rain - yay or nay? (come on - it has to be better than when it is super hot out)


Anonymous said...

Definitely a YAY! I love running in the rain. Completely takes the run from a must do to a want to do. I turn 6 yrs. And yes, people always give me the look because I am smiling and giggling as I run with the big dropplets falling down. The best!

Amber said...

Yuck NAY. I will go if it's sprinkling but anything harder than that and no way hosay! I ran my entire first marathon in the rain, sometimes sprinkling and sometimes POURING down, and after spending almost 5 hours running in the rain then I would be happy if I never did it again!

Bill K said...

Definitely a Yay! Once you get over than initial "getting wet" phase it's all good. It gets you used to running in those conditions because you never know when your next race is going to be a downpour. As well, it's just water people...C'mon :)

Tip: Fastest way to dry your running shoes - stuff them full of non-glossy newspaper...wicks all the water out overnight.
P.S. I ran 3.8 miles yesterday in the pouring rain.

Rebecca said... was pouring here in Ottawa and there was no way I was going out. Also I need my contacts in as running in the rain with glasses just sucks balls.

I'm pretty sure I'm racing in the rain this sunday but I hate the humidity more, so whatever!!

Anonymous said...

Are you running in any of the Mtl races this weekend?

I'm doing the half

kristen said...

Good luck with your half Anonymous!
I am not doing any of the races this year - I will probably be at the expo to see if I can find any good deals on shoes, but this year I'll be spectating instead of running.

Laura said...

I'm a 'rain runner'...I think part of it is you feel so hardcore and the post run shower is usually the bomb.

Suz said...

DEF a YAY!!! Except on a relaly really long run!!

ba san said...

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Tony LaRocca said...

Not really a fan, I do like a sort of gentle sea-breeze sprinkle though. But I agree with you, it's better than when it's disgustingly hot out.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I don't mind the occasional run in the rain. Yesterday we did 5K in the rain and it was a bit chilly. I ran decently fast (for me) which is more than I can say on a hot day!

I wouldn't want to run a half in the rain though.