Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another post about bacon and race help

So the big news yesterday was that a global (yes GLOBAL) bacon shortage is "unavoidable." This makes me sad. I like bacon...a lot. I don't eat it every day. In fact, I probably don't even eat it every week. But man do I love it and this news has me thinking that maybe I should invest in a deep freeze.

Thanks to bacon being "cool" in the internet world, we now have 40 reasons to be happy about the bacon shortage. I will add a 41st: Maybe the smell of bacon will stop wafting through my office window every morning. It is distracting and it makes me drool.

Since bacon is an excellent source of happiness, I wonder what will replace it? And don't go trying to tell me that finally Canadian bacon will get its day in the sun...because that's just ham.

In other news - I'm running a race on Sunday. Thursday is my last short speed session before the race and then it is mostly about mentally preparing myself for that "there's no way I can do this" feeling that I'll likely get for the entire race. So if you have any go-to sayings that work for you when you feel like slowing down, I need all the help I can get!


Kara said...

Canadian bacon doesn't deserve the title of "bacon" :)

Angie said...

I'm crying thinking about the bacon shortage :(

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

We eat a lot of turkey bacon. No, it's not real bacon but it's a decent substitute! Unlike Canadian bacon. Biggest disappointment ever!!

Good luck on your race this weekend! I'm also looking up mantras to get me through my race on Saturday!

janelle said...

good luck, you're gonna do great! i have no words of wisdom, but sometimes when i'm running alone and need a mental boost, i start singing the Raccoons theme "run with us" in my head. Seems to help with keeping pace, heh.

Andy said...

nice post i like ^^

Four said...

I'm crying thinking about the bacon shortage :(