Monday, September 17, 2012

an eventful run

As I've said before, one of my favourite things about running is the random things I see along my runs. If I'm having a rough run, it helps break things up and I focus on something else. If I'm having a great run, those strange things along the way just help to make things even better. Today was one of the more eventful runs of late.

Firstly - I ran into Jordan. You'd think this might happen more often since we live in the same house and we're both out running on Sunday mornings, but it is really quite rare. So we stopped, had a chat, then carried on our way.
Seen today: Muvbox - a restaurant in a shipping container in the Old Port
Secondly, I saw a full on confrontation between an older couple walking and a man riding his bike. They were crossing a bridge in opposite directions but on the same side of said bridge and neither would back down. To the point where the couple forced the cyclist (who was going VERY slowly) to literally ride into them. Then they all started yelling. It was really weird.

Thirdly, I ran into a person who I have been doing bootcamp with most of the summer. She hadn't been at the last few because she was moving. Turns out, she was moving a block away from me. I didn't have anything with me to get her contact information, but hopefully I'll run into her again soon!

Finally, with about 10 minutes left in my run, I was stopped at a light and an older couple turned to me and said "were you just in the Old Port?" When I said yes, they said "we just saw you there - when you ran into that guy!" I laughed and said "oh yeah...that was my was weird." She then told me jokingly that they wouldn't judge who I ran into. What I should have responded with was that it was my secret lover - we meet-up during runs and exchange sweaty high-fives once a week. Instead - I just told them to have a great day and ran away.

Also - it was absolutely beautiful. Blue skies, sun shining, cool temperatures. Pretty much running perfection. 

Any strange events during your weekend runs? (or walks, or bikes...)


Leigh said...

I really want to know how you manage to see all of these interesting and strange things on your runs....or maybe it's just the city :)

Caroline said...

that is funny..just one part of this would have made that run eventful!!! nothing happened on mine lately...well except for people driving through a red light and scaring the crap out of me and another person while we were so rude...!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow that was an eventful run! Super cool shipping container restaurant. Apparently you can build a house out of shipping containers...

Too funny about running into Jordan and then the couple pointing out that they saw you run in to him!

So who was on the wrong side of the bridge- the couple or the cyclist? Drives me nuts when I have to move over for someone who is walking on the wrong side!! Makes you wonder what sort of drivers they are!

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