Friday, September 28, 2012

makes me smile

If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @moultgard) you'll have noticed that I've posted a photo a day with the hashtag #wtfsept. I'm not normally a "30 day challenge" kind of person, but when I saw the list of photos for the #wtfsept photo (and I hate to call it challenge) challenge, I thought it might be fun - plus you can't go wrong with the hashtag.

Yesterday's theme was "Makes Me Smile." While there are many things that make me smile, I ended up posting a picture I took at the end of my run the other day.

shut your pie hole
This is one of a few "walking men" along the running/walking path near my place. I think he looks a little like John Hodgman of Mac Commercial/Bored to Death fame but I'm sure he's just some guy who likes pie. And since this is Montreal and my neighbourhood is full of hipsters, he's just yet another guy with a moustache who likes pie. On that same path, another walking man that makes me smile:

so stealthy
This one is a little more out of place. I have yet to see a hipster ninja in my neighbourhood, so I'm going to go ahead and guess that this is just a plain old ninja. And since ninjas are stealthy, I'm not surprised I hadn't noticed the ninja presence until now. Life in this city is never boring.

What's making you smile today?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another post about bacon and race help

So the big news yesterday was that a global (yes GLOBAL) bacon shortage is "unavoidable." This makes me sad. I like bacon...a lot. I don't eat it every day. In fact, I probably don't even eat it every week. But man do I love it and this news has me thinking that maybe I should invest in a deep freeze.

Thanks to bacon being "cool" in the internet world, we now have 40 reasons to be happy about the bacon shortage. I will add a 41st: Maybe the smell of bacon will stop wafting through my office window every morning. It is distracting and it makes me drool.

Since bacon is an excellent source of happiness, I wonder what will replace it? And don't go trying to tell me that finally Canadian bacon will get its day in the sun...because that's just ham.

In other news - I'm running a race on Sunday. Thursday is my last short speed session before the race and then it is mostly about mentally preparing myself for that "there's no way I can do this" feeling that I'll likely get for the entire race. So if you have any go-to sayings that work for you when you feel like slowing down, I need all the help I can get!

Monday, September 24, 2012

iphone set to self-destruct

Ever since the iPhone 5 was announced I've noticed something a little funky about my phone: it has become temperamental. The announcement and the release of the iPhone 4S came and went without a problem but as soon as the "big reveal" happened for the 5, something just seemed to click in my phone and suddenly the ONLY (and most important) BUTTON on the entire thing started getting finicky. It now works maybe 50% of the time. And 50% might be generous.

After googling solutions, I've tried the "toothbrush solution" and it made it a little better and I tried to recalibrate it, but I don't think it worked (probably because it involves using said home button and if the button isn't working...). I guess a trip to the genius bar will be the next stop - but I'm pretty sure they'll just tell me that Apple sets their products to self-destruct once they are 2 generations old...

Does anyone have a great solution for me? Did anyone buy a 5 and want to send me a new iPhone 4?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

better than the heat

I think I chose the rainiest time of day to do my run yesterday. At about 11, it started to rain and when I left at 12, it was POURING. I know that some people would decide to put the run off, but since I wanted to go to a yoga class in the evening, the lunch run was my only option.

As I ran, I saw a few drivers looking at me like I was a little crazy - here I was, running in the pouring rain and smiling about it. I felt like a few other people gave me a "now that's hardcore" look and I just wanted to turn and say "this is WAY better than running in the heat...AT LEAST IT ISN'T HOT AS BALLS!!"

Yes, I was really wet at the end of the run, but since I was only running about 3.1 and not 13.1 in the pouring rain, I had a lot of fun. I even got a laugh as I shrieked a little after getting splashed by a car.

And just to add something a little random that also made me smile yesterday - I had forgotten that the French word for zits is "boutons" - which also means buttons. Makes for a great mental picture.

pas de boutons pour moi!
Running in the rain - yay or nay? (come on - it has to be better than when it is super hot out)

Monday, September 17, 2012

an eventful run

As I've said before, one of my favourite things about running is the random things I see along my runs. If I'm having a rough run, it helps break things up and I focus on something else. If I'm having a great run, those strange things along the way just help to make things even better. Today was one of the more eventful runs of late.

Firstly - I ran into Jordan. You'd think this might happen more often since we live in the same house and we're both out running on Sunday mornings, but it is really quite rare. So we stopped, had a chat, then carried on our way.
Seen today: Muvbox - a restaurant in a shipping container in the Old Port
Secondly, I saw a full on confrontation between an older couple walking and a man riding his bike. They were crossing a bridge in opposite directions but on the same side of said bridge and neither would back down. To the point where the couple forced the cyclist (who was going VERY slowly) to literally ride into them. Then they all started yelling. It was really weird.

Thirdly, I ran into a person who I have been doing bootcamp with most of the summer. She hadn't been at the last few because she was moving. Turns out, she was moving a block away from me. I didn't have anything with me to get her contact information, but hopefully I'll run into her again soon!

Finally, with about 10 minutes left in my run, I was stopped at a light and an older couple turned to me and said "were you just in the Old Port?" When I said yes, they said "we just saw you there - when you ran into that guy!" I laughed and said "oh yeah...that was my was weird." She then told me jokingly that they wouldn't judge who I ran into. What I should have responded with was that it was my secret lover - we meet-up during runs and exchange sweaty high-fives once a week. Instead - I just told them to have a great day and ran away.

Also - it was absolutely beautiful. Blue skies, sun shining, cool temperatures. Pretty much running perfection. 

Any strange events during your weekend runs? (or walks, or bikes...)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

three things thursday - the i've got nothin' edition

I know it is probably better to not blog than to blog something stupid...but I'm feeling a little stupid so why the heck not.

Thing 1 - This picture is awesome:
there there...shut up
Thing 2 - My sister keeps sending me adorable videos of my niece. They are awesome and they make me wish that I got to see her every week instead of a few times a year. I especially love that ever since she sent me a picture of Zoey dancing to "Call me Maybe," instead of potentially finding the song annoying now that the summer is over (because it is clearly a summer song), I think of her. Pretty great.

Thing 3 - And because I love a good sign - this one has recently become one of my favourites:
the path matches the sign
Maybe I should build this section of the path into all of my runs.

Happy Thursday! Tell me a thing.

Monday, September 10, 2012

on working from home

I work from home and therefore don't have much interaction with people during the day. Sure, I do via email and phone, but I spend a lot of time alone. I think it sometimes makes me crazy because I took some pretty silly pictures last week.

First - I noticed that Walter White had been parked outside my place for way too long:
he was probably cooking meth

Then, when a squirrel decided to visit, I took pictures. Yes, that's right...I took pictures of a squirrel. It's not as if they are rare around here...I guess it was just so strange to see one right at eye level that I decided to take pictures:

the squirrel and WW's car? wow.
Maybe I need to get a least taking pictures of dogs isn't as weird as taking pictures of other people's cars and random squirrels...

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 07, 2012

how short is too short - or - I'm old

As I was watching the news the other day, they were showing footage of kids at high school. I felt like it was pretty standard footage, but then I noticed what a couple of girls were wearing:
those are short shorts
I have a pair of those shorts. I sometimes run in them. When I bought them, my sister laughed at me and said my ass was practically showing and wondered why I would wear shorts that short for running but wore shorts down to the knee for every day. Since then, I have several pairs of shorts that are shorter than knee length for every day use, but those little black shorts are by FAR the shortest shorts I own and will ever own.

Here's the thing - GIRLS WERE WEARING THEM AT SCHOOL. To go to CLASS. And not gym class. Just call me Old Lady Moultgard but I was a little shocked that these shorts were being worn at school and not at the gym.

I think being shocked at what the high school kids are wearing these days officially makes me old.

Would you let your daughter wear those to school? Where would you draw the line at what is appropriate for school?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

what can you do to let it go?

Yesterday evening, I finally got my butt back to a yoga class. I've been doing some yoga on my own, but haven't been to an actual class in quite a while. Although the usual spots were super tight, I was surprised at how much better my body responded than I expected it too.

Near the end of class, we were sitting in a "yin" pose that I had never done before and since we were facing the back of the room and my back was to the teacher, I was having a hard time knowing what the pose actually was. I wasn't sure if I was sitting right or how my legs were supposed to be or how the pose was supposed to work. I was sitting there with my forehead on a block worrying I wasn't doing it right.

Just as my mind was racing with all of those thoughts, the teacher spoke up and said: For any of you who are thinking about your busy days or schedules or who are thinking a million thoughts...go back to your breath and think about what you can do to let it go. So I stopped thinking about it and just released into the pose - whether it was right or not. And it felt good. For the rest of the class, any time I started to think too much, I just thought "what can I do to let it go." 
(Robert Bejil Photography)
As someone who has a hard time letting things go, I'm hoping to extend that further than the yoga mat. I need to let go of the things that I am hanging on to. I need to let go of the things I cannot change. When I find my head spinning, I will ask myself "what can I do to let it go?" Maybe I'll start with these Quebec election results... 

Ever feel like you just need to let it go?