Wednesday, August 22, 2012

what i'd eat wednesday

You may have seen it before, but just in case you haven't, there's a little something floating around the internet called "What I ate Wednesday." Most of the time, the pictures are of things like yogurt, granola, salads, food items that have the word "protein" in front of them (protein pancake, protein cookie, protein cupcake...), and more salad. Don't get me wrong - I love salad and I eat all of those things (well, except that protein stuff - I prefer the non-powdered sources of protein) but I don't find them noteworthy, so I don't take pictures and blog about them. It's just not my thing and that is why I'm not a three times a day food blogger. Good on you folks who can find the gusto to do that.

So because I feel like it, I thought I'd put a little twist on the concept and put together a "what I'd eat Wednesday." If cost wasn't an issue and if I thought I could eat and drink like that all day (not that one day of extra booze and fat would be a big deal but I'm a lightweight), this is what I'd eat and drink today. This was hard - but it's just what I would eat today. Ask me the same thing next week and it would be different.

Breakfast: Pain au Chocolat. Triple Cappuccino (with full fat milk). Perfectly ripe berries. A side of bacon.
croissant pain au chocolat beurre
(photo by EverJean)
There's not much better than a perfectly flaky croissant...except for a perfectly flaky croissant with chocolate in it. Since they are mostly butter, this isn't something that I eat every day but oh wow is a perfect pain au chocolat a little piece of heaven. Especially if eaten in Paris with a perfect cup of coffee. And you can't go wrong with bacon - thick cut, double smoked bacon.

Lunch: Pork buns and papaya salad from the Satay Brothers. Fresh Oysters and wine (they can pick it) from Joe Beef. Lime Sorbet with pick your own toppings from Yeh! (which I insist on calling Oh Yeah! because the swirl in the logo looks like an "o" and it makes me think of the Kool Aid Jug)
The Satay Brothers has a stall in the Atwater Market all summer and their asian fusion food is awesome. The pork buns are two perfect bites of saltiness and soft bun and the papaya salad tastes like summer in a bowl. Oysters and wine? Two of my favourite things and nice and fresh tasting for the summer. And if you have a Yeh! near you and they have the lime - it is delicious.

Dinner: Whatever the chef at Park wanted to serve me - with the caveat that it involves at least some sushi. A dirty martini to start and a tasting flight of Dieu du Ciel beer to go with the courses of my meal. For dessert, Jordan's rice pudding. 

Morimoto Sushi Omakase
(photo by snow pea&bokchoi)
I've been wanting to try Park since I first heard about it this spring and really need to find a time to try it. I hear it isn't cheap but that it is an "eyes roll back in your head" kind of delicious meal. Maybe it is a little bit of a cop out to say "whatever he'd serve me" but I really do think that would be a pretty perfect dinner. As for the rice pudding - if you want a delicious one, either go to the restaurant in Paris that I had perfect rice pudding with field strawberries or come to my house and my husband will make you some. The Parisian pudding is admittedly a little tastier, but the home made stuff is almost as good.

So there you have it - what I'd eat today if I a) had the day off and could just wander to some of my favourite places to get great food and drink, b) had a bunch of cash to spare, and c) could handle all that food in my belly in one day.

If you could eat anything today, what would you eat?


Leigh said...

Haha I love this! There is a reason I couldn't be a healthy living blogger.....I love bad food too much and have no shame in it.

Hm, if I could eat anything I would have some Costco cookies (so good!), ice cream from Penticton, a meal at a restaurant in San Fran that we went to on our honeymoon, so good!

janelle said...

mmm. food.

If i could eat anything today....

breakfast - the pork chop potato pancake from Diner Delux in Calgary. Oh My Goodness...that's the right way to start off the day.

lunch - lobster roll from Richard's. had it for the first time this summer, and i wish i had more of it. I can still taste the peppery lemony goodness... washed down with a lime ricky pop.

dinner - steak done by my father in law, because he makes a mean & delicious steak, washed down with plenty o' jacob creek moscato wine. it's my new fave. :D

kristen said...

@Leigh - Ice cream at Ticklberry's? My sister in law has eaten that giant cone where they give you 10 flavours/scoops (or whatever it is).

@Janelle - I wonder if Diner Delux wasn't there yet or if I just didn't know about it when I lived in Calgary - I've heard so many good things. Also - that really is one heck of a lobster roll. I had it the day of your wedding last year! :)

Amber said...

Hmmm, what a fun twist on this series! I would ABSOLUTELY start off with a pain au chocolat. SO GOOD. I ate one every morning when we were in Paris :)

Rebecca said...

Like Leigh, I don't have super interesting foods to blog about. Most of our dinners consist of a meat, veg and starch - hello boring? Nobody wants to read that...As for lunches - leftovers or anything I can throw in a bag. I usually eat my lunch in 5-10 minutes so nothing interesting happens and I never go out

I could totally go for some sushi - haven't gone in over a year! I also mean real sushi, not the kind you get at the Loblaws.

One of my friends posts pictures all the time of food she eats in restaurants - you know, the food I can't afford. I would like to eat like that for a day.

Kirst said...

Yay for ice cream and all delicious food. Sooo many choices. I'm also interesed in this yummy rice pudding my bro makes. Do tell what the recipe is.

Kirst said...
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Anonymous said...

I also agree that this changes by the day - but here are my 3 meals today:

Breakfast: granola served over greek yoghurt and topped with berries - mostly raspberries and strawberries but I do love saskatoon berries as well.

Lunch: Sushi. I haven't had much sushi lately and miss it dearly. If I could choose the place it would come from - Wa's in Calgary.

Dinner: This is definitely a craving of the day and not on my mind every day - but a really good seafood linguine w a light white wine sauce......mmmmmm

This is great fun! Hope you'll do more wednesdays!!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm drooling!!

Many good memories of pain au chocolat and coffee in Paris!!