Thursday, August 16, 2012

three things thursday - the happy birthday edition

It's Thursday! Which means it is almost Friday! And since I had last week off and had to work every single day this week (tough life, I know), I'm excited that it is almost Friday. So with that - three things this Thursday.

Thing one: There's a guy across the back alley that is hard to understand. I don't know if his first language is French, English, or something else...whatever it is, I don't understand it very well. The other day as I was getting my bike out of the shed and getting myself organized, he started talking to me and I kept hearing the word "champion." Since I was wearing my team Garmin pink jersey, I thought he might have been referencing that. But no - turns out, he wanted me to say hello to Jordan for him. Apparently, he calls Jordan "champion." We're not sure if he things he actually is some sort of champion or if he just thinks it is funny, but that's what he calls him. Super odd.

Thing two: I know that the cold and snowy season is long I shouldn't ever really complain about summer. But as I was walking in my jeans and t-shirt today (I probably could have been wearing shorts but it was that in-between temperature) I was thinking "this is my ideal comfort - jeans and t-shirt weather." The need for a sweater in the morning and evening but mostly jeans and t-shirt weather. Is there a place in the world where I can wear jeans and sandals all year long?

Thing three: It is my sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday Heather! You're my favourite sister :) Thank you for sending me random pictures to make me smile, listening to my random complaints, and making me feel needed by calling me when you need to vent. I wish I could come celebrate with you - but I know you'll have a great day.
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Kara said...

I'm so jealous that you can already wear jeans. We are still firmly in the "I might melt outside today" temp range here. :)

Marlene said...

I have been LOVING the temps lately. So comfortable! Please stay! Also, I soo want that Garmin jersey!

Heather said...

I definitely thought I had commented on this. Oooops.

Thank you for the "thing" shout out and the vitamix. One of the best presents ever.