Thursday, August 30, 2012

three thank you thursday

Today, I am cranky. I didn't sleep well last night, I've been randomly cranky all week (ok, so there might be some hormonal justification for my perhaps not so random), and I just feel like being snarky and pouty. In an attempt to turn my frown upside down, here are three things I'm thankful for today.

Thing one: That I work from home. I barely want to be subjected to my own crankiness today so no one else should have to be around me. I'm so thankful that I don't have to put on a happy face, go into the office, and risk pissing everyone off.

Thing two: I am thankful that it isn't hot as balls today. If I was this cranky AND it was hot and humid? I might start throwing things. Instead - there is a cool breeze coming through the window and the temperature is on the cool side of comfortable. So pretty perfect.

Thing three: I have a 4 day weekend. When I'm done work today I will have 4 glorious days off in a row. And if by the time I sign off my computer this afternoon, the thought of a 4 day weekend doesn't un-crankify my cold, dead heart? Well, then this day is a wash and I'll try again tomorrow.

And just for good measure, a little something from my favourite cranky tv character:
maybe i should go fishing after work


Michelle said...

Hormonal justification remains one of my favorite phrases. The four day weekend is a definite upside! I know how you feel though. Focus on the vacation. You can DO it!

Heather said...

That pic is great. Don't be cranky!