Tuesday, August 07, 2012

things i've grown into

This might be surprising to those who know that a few weeks ago I ate a tongue and escargot taco, but as a kid, and probably up until high school, I was a pretty picky eater. I had certain foods that I liked (apparently I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle every single day for lunch for one year) and I didn't eat much else. Although my mother always made me take a "no thank you" taste of everything on the table no matter where we were and what was being served (despite my protests of "I already KNOW I don't like peas"), in general I'm pretty sure my poor parents had a rotation of about 3 or for meals that I would actually eat for dinner. Doesn't make for very interesting eating does it? Although it took awhile, here are some of the "normal" foods that I didn't like but that I've definitely grown into.

I used to hate tomatoes and it really makes me sad. Sure, there are a lot of terrible tomatoes out there but a perfectly ripe, in-season tomato with just a little salt and pepper (or as part of caprese salad) is a beautiful and delicious thing.

i guess not all potatoes are purple
I know it sounds a little weird, but I didn't really like potatoes for a really long time. I would eat one tiny roasted potato because I had to (thanks to my mum's rule) but I didn't enjoy it. They still aren't my favourite (although fries are pretty awesome), but I will now actually eat a baked potato. That's definitely something I've grown into.

I don't think it is completely weird not to like chili as a kid - strong flavours, potentially spicy - but as an adult I think it is a little weird. I think I was well into my twenties before I grew into my love of chili. I'm so glad it is - it is one of my go-to meals to make and freeze in the fall and winter.

Things I haven't grown into? Ketchup, beets, and lamb. Actually - lamb I think I grew out of. I would eat it as a kid and now I don't like it. Any foods you've grown into? Or any foods that most people like or love but that you just can't get behind?


Toronto Girl West said...

I have to admit, I'll eat pretty much everything; although I obviously have preferences. Generally though, I won't eat any blood product. I just won't go there.

As for things I didn't like when I was little - liver. I still don't really like it - I don't enjoy the flavour. And now as an adult, I occasionally fall in and out of love with chicken. I blame this on all of those animal cruelty videos.

Marlene said...

I was SO picky as a child!! I can remember eating "salad" with just iceberg lettuce and cucumbers.

Funny, I just started liking chili in the past year - but it can't be spicy. I don't do spice.

Off the top of my head, I used to "HATE" (refuse to eat) mushrooms, onions, pineapple, relish or sweet pickles, rice, beans (except green beans)...

I have NOT grown into mayo, tuna or baked beans. Blech, you could not pay me to eat them!