Wednesday, August 29, 2012

les gags!

If you're Canadian (and maybe even if you're not? I'm not sure) you have seen at least an episode of Just for Laughs Gags (I really think that "les Gags" and The Littlest Hobo are things that, as Canadians, we all have in common). For those who don't know it, Just for Laughs Gags is - you guessed it - a gag show. It is a hidden camera show that pulls pranks that have a huge range in complexity. It could be as simple as putting a plastic skeleton in a port-o-potty and filming people's reactions, to pretty elaborate pranks that involve cutting cars in half and having two tow trucks pull it apart.

The show is mostly filmed here in Montreal...and they seem to love the Atwater Market. Why do I know they love it? Well, last year I got gagged there (though I really do doubt that I'll ever be on the air because I was very suspicious that something weird was going on) and in the last couple of weeks, I've seen them there twice, either setting up or taking down pranks.

This afternoon, they were setting up a prank when I passed them on the way out for my run:
I was trying to be stealthy...
I wasn't sure exactly what the gag was, but it involved children and noodles (and they are smart to use children - no one wants to be the jerk that says no to a child when he or she asks for help). As soon as I passed them, I wondered if they would still be there when I got back. I texted Jordan (who thought I had already been gagged...again) and I decided that if they were still there when I got back, if they tried to gag me, I'd go with it. I'm a pretty terrible actor, but I figured I could at least feign shock and say things like "MON DIEU" and "TABERNAC!" when they got me.

Unfortunately, the noodle gag was either a dud or they had gagged a lot of people with it because they were already setting up another when I ran back on the way home. So I guess I'll still have to just be on the lookout for my somewhat suspicious face in last year's gag (if you're ever watching and there's a little girl with a cake who is asking people to pick the cherries off of it...maybe I'll be there in my running clothes!) and wonder if I'll run into them again.

Do you think you would react well to a gag? Would you sign the waiver that allowed them to show you on TV?


Anonymous said...

I've seen the Gags people a couple times right outside Lionel-Groulx. They'd never get me though; I'm weary of children (not to mention outgoing perfectly-bilingual children!)

Rebecca said...

haha, of the very few french swear words I actually know. One student said it in class once and I went "WHAT DID YOU SAY?".

Paul would totally fall for Les gags....he is so unaware of his surroundings and I can bet his reaction would be priceless!

Caroline said... if you are going to use our bad words you need to know it is really "tabarnac" !!!

I love "juste pour rire!"

they would likely get me...