Friday, August 31, 2012

i am not a runner

Sometimes, when I'm working toward a goal, I get a little wrapped up in thinking about it and sometimes it can be all-consuming. When it comes to running, for me, I think that this is a bad thing. I'm not a professional runner. I'm not an especially fast or talented runner. Running is something that I do for fun. It makes me feel good, it makes me set goals, it makes me work hard, it helps me stay healthy. If it causes me stress? Well that's a bad thing.
Yes - the actual running part can be hard. Long runs are tiring, tempo runs are hard work, and interval runs are barf-tastic. But that's where the hard part should stop. Thinking about running shouldn't be stressful, planning workouts shouldn't make you anxious. I'm working full time, working on an MSc, and still trying to have a fun social life...running should be the thing that helps relieve stress, not cause it.

So when I catch myself thinking too much about goals, races, and paces, I shut that down and remind myself - I am not a runner, I am a person who runs. Do I want to work hard and achieve PRs and do the best I can? Of course I do. But in the grand scheme of things, running is fun. I would rather finish slower and have fun, than finish just a few minutes faster and beat myself up for not being good enough. If it stops being fun, I should stop running. I'm hoping I never get there.


Susan said...

I LOVE IT! and I agree completely.
I am also a person who runs and it`s all about keeping the stress down and staying healthy.

PS- However i don`t need pot to get the runner's high. :)

Rebecca said...

I agree! Hence why when I really don't feel like going out for a run, I don't! I enjoy doing road races - I push myself but I don't try and kill myself during one of them. I have a feeling that I may just stick with 10K's after the Army Run, but we will see!

Heather said...

Good thinking. .If it stops becoming a hobby and becomes something you dread, not worth it.

Kara said...

I totally agree that you should always keep in mind that this is how you choose to spend your free time, so you should enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I am the same way. Despite the fact that I run, I don't really identify with being called a 'runner.' And the best part about this mindset? If you don't feel like doing it, you don't (and don't feel guilty about it either!).