Monday, August 20, 2012

another saturday, another free bootcamp

Since I blogged about my first free bootcamp, I've been back almost every week. Each session has had a different trainer and therefore it has been a different style of workout. It is fun to get there not knowing what kind of workout I'll be getting.

This week was one called "Fit Camp" and was based on some of the exercises and activities that the Strong Man/Strong Woman competitors do (you know - those guys/gals that pull trucks and lift giant concrete balls). The trainer is someone who has competed before and just qualified again for the North American Strong Woman competition. Definitely not something I've been exposed to before (other than flipping channels and seeing the giant burly men on TSN and thinking "wow. that looks hard") but I figured it would be interesting.
not pictured - the giant tire
Our warm-up involved two rounds of a circuit that has us doing sandbag squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, stretchy band extensions (totally a technical term) and sprints. Yeah - the warm up...
i was born in the mountains, not so great at the climbing
Then we got into the StrongMan activities: lifting a weighted ball up and over a strap (i think it is normally a bar - but we were outside, so it was a strap tied to two trees), flipping a giant tire end over end and then pulling it back, pulling a weighted sled "hand over hand" on a rope, and overhead presses with a weighted wood plank.
they demoed it together, we had to pull it by ourselves
Things that surprised me: the tire flips were really fun and easier than I thought with the right technique, the wood was lighter than I thought it would be (but then we added weight and that was challenging), the giant concrete ball weighed almost as much as I do (I stuck to the 50 lbs ball instead...I could work up to a heavier one, but it seemed silly to potentially injure myself trying to use the heavy one right away).

Things that did not surprise me: pulling a weighted sled up an incline on grass is not easy, sometimes my pushup form is not that great:
maybe i need to do some pushups in front of a mirror...
Overall it was a fun workout. A weekly version of this type of workout is going to be run in the fall at a gym not that far from my place. I am thinking of checking it out - though I have no idea what the price is (or what any of the fees at the gym are) so hopefully it isn't prohibitively expensive.

Oh - and my hands and wrists are super sore from the rope pulls - I guess I don't use those little muscles  all that much.

Giant concrete balls - ever lifted one? (and been terrified that it would squish your toes?)

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Jill said...

Looks fun! And looks like you had some great weather too.