Thursday, July 12, 2012

three things thursday - the it is my friday edition

Happy Thursday! I hope you've all had a great week. Tomorrow is one of my summer Friday's off - so I'm excited that today is like Friday to me! Here are my three things.

1- Part of my birthday present yesterday was this:
For a second I thought that maybe Ryder was coming for a visit, but the pink jersey will do just fine :) (so sad he crashed out of the Tour de France)

2- Speaking of the Tour de France, there is a Kronenbourg beer commercial that airs during the coverage that my niece Zoey dances to every time. Yesterday, the commercial came on, I told Jordan about the dancing, so he started to dance. When I told my sister that Jordan was dancing to Zoey's commercial, she said that they were watching too and that Zoey was dancing. Well, Zoey has now been challenged to a dance-off via FaceTime. If part marks are for cuteness, I hate to tell Jordan that he has no chance...

3- I know it is old news - but did you read the interview with the guy who claims he could run a sub-2 hour (yes, that is 2 and not 3) marathon because he runs in a weight vest and does lunges in a weight vest too? By no means am I saying he is a slow runner...he's done a 2:16 marathon. But dude - that 17 minutes is a HUGE amount of time in terms of marathoning. And until you're putting up numbers closer to the 2 hour mark? I will remain skeptical.

What do you think - will we see a sub 2 hour marathon anytime soon? And will it be from that guy?


Laura said...

The TSN feed makes me insane with the I get happy when the Nissan commercial free coverage happens.
Happy (to you) Friday.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Kronenbourg commercial - want to dance when I hear it, too. My French is a bit iffy and I'd love to know (in French or in English) what the lyrics are. Anyone know or care to enlighten?