Wednesday, July 18, 2012

seen on the run

Sometimes I'm a little jealous of all of the things trail runners get to see when on the run. Beautiful views, trees, mountains, animals...I wish I could see all that natural beauty regularly. Then I remind myself that city running has its bonuses. First off - you don't have to worry about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere if something goes wrong, but most importantly, city running means great people watching.

Running in the city means seeing people doing very normal things and doing very strange things. Yesterday was one of my favourites - besides the usual random person drinking Pabst, a runner in head to toe 70.3 gear, and bikers decked out like they're riding the tour de France, the best sighting was something I had never seen before but was pretty awesome. Standing on the canal, using the barrier/fence as a barre, a lady had her big headphones (and street clothes) on and was doing ballet. I was filling my water bottle as I spotted her, and actually stopped and watched for a few minutes.

Have you seen anything interesting on the run lately?


Becky @ said...

I run in the city and I actually see wildlife all the the middle of the city! It's awesome.

Just Monday I saw 2 deer with a fawn, so cute. Last fall I would see foxes all the time. I love it!

Rebecca said...

I don't really see much. Lots of squirrels and dogs. occasional kitty.

I do see lots of other runners, bikers including my students occasionally. However, sometimes Moose like to cross the river and stroll into Orleans so sometimes I am on the look for a moose. But I haven't seen any yet :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm a city runner too so I totally get what you mean about missing nature. The city in Pittsburgh is surrounded by rivers so I do get to enjoy a bit of nature though. The oddest thing I've seen on a run is a girl in a skimpy bikini doing a photoshoot - the weird part was that she was alone and just had a tripod set up and was making slutty movements and poses towards the camera. It was very odd.

Kara said...

I've seen a chupacabra. Sure, it was probably just a fox in the later stages of some disease, but it seriously looked like a chupacabra.