Friday, July 13, 2012

oiselle roga shorts - a review (and comparison)

As I mentioned in my 5 things post this week - not that long ago I had no shorts and now I have many pairs of shorts. But here's the thing - I'm very picky about them. Those Nike Tempo shorts that so many people have tonnes of? They look terrible on me and I hate them -which is how I felt about a lot of shorts. Then I found the lululemon speed short and figured I had a favourite short for life.
in my speed shorts
Earlier this year I started to hear about the Oiselle Roga short, heard good things, and thought I'd give them a try. I got them at the beginning of June and thought I'd share my thoughts (and a bit of a comparison between the Roga and the Speed Short).
in my rogas
Length: My biggest concern about the shorts was the length. I had to order them without trying them on, I had no idea where they would hit my leg, and was worried they'd be an awkward length on me. Luckily, they're not. They're pretty much perfect.
a little longer than the speed short
My biggest complaint about the speed short has been that when I get really sweaty and am running a little longer, they stick to me and creep up a bit at the front. The bonus about the Roga being a little longer and slightly looser than the speed short, is that this doesn't happen. Point - Roga.

Fabric: The Roga is a little lighter and feels a little more "naked" than the classic Speed Short. I know lululemon has come out with a lighter version of the short this year - but I don't have those. So for the pairs of speed shorts I have vs the Roga? Point - Roga

Pockets: The Lulu shorts have a zip pocket on the back waistband and the newer ones have 2 small pockets within the waistband that are very accessible(yeah, I have some old ones without the new pockets). The Roga has a back zipper pocket on the bum and then a small pocket sort of in the liner, sort of not, that isn't easily accessible but that works well for a key.

While the back pocket on the Roga is bigger, I really like the front waistband pockets in the Speed Short and find that I miss it. Point - Speed Short.

Price/Convenience: The Speed Short is $54 CDN before tax, I can walk 10 minutes to buy them or I can get them online with free shipping. Total: $62.05 CDN (with either minimal shipping time or I get them right away from the store).

The Roga is $44 USD and the only option is to buy them online. Shipping is $13.95 USD and takes about a week. Total: $58.72 CDN (depending on the exchange rate)

Despite the fact that it takes a little longer, it isn't like it is that hard to wait for a pair of shorts in the mail. Point - Roga

I never thought I'd say it - but move over Speed Short - there's a new favourite in my closet - the Roga.


tricia said...

I run exclusively in skirts with the exception of ONE pair of shorts-The Oiselle Roga's. They are the only shorts I will run in.Love them.

~Nathalie~ said...

I will have to look those up!
Thanks for the very informative review.