Thursday, July 26, 2012

growing your bangs out and other annoying things

If you've ever had to grow your bangs out, I think you know exactly how annoying it is. You have to find awkward ways to either pin them off your face or put a headband on (which often just results in the hair "flopping" over the headband and looking weird) or trying to part them and spray them and hope for the best (and hope for no wind). Growing out your bangs? The worst.
not my current awkward length, but still not good
On that note - here are some other things that are "the worst:"

A typo or grammar mistake in a tweet. Ugh. That's the worst. I don't care if other people do it...but when I do it, it is the worst. I then have to delete it in shame.

Speaking of tweets - when you accidentally retweet instead of reply or just click to expand it. Not only do your followers wonder what you're smoking, but the person you retweeted probably thinks you're an idiot.

When you don't realize your curtains are open and you walk into your bedroom naked after getting after a shower. Yes, I will track from the bathroom to the bedroom naked if we have no guests, and yes, this happened to me recently. I have no idea if anyone saw me.

Humidity. Do I really need to say anything else? Totally the worst. Even though my grandmother claims it is great. She and I have agreed to disagree.

When the "last bit" of something you thought was in the fridge or cupboard isn't there because somebody else ate it. Not fun.

Yes, I realize that this post should really be called "yes...I have REAL problems." So - what's the worst in your world these days?


Derek Hill said...

I'll second humidity but only if we add heat with it! 85+ with 80%+ humidity. Ugh. Golfing has been sticky, it's hard to breathe when I bike.

I'd like to add losing weight. I'm not sure I understand why beer and burgers taste so damn good.

Laura said...

Dealing with people who are just negative all.the.time. I am refusing to have these kind of people around me but can't always avoid them. Seriously, life isn't all fun and games but isn't hard to be miserable for the majority of your time?
Humidity = giant fuzzy hair for me. Nice.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Ha! I'm currently planning on CUTTING my almost grown out bangs into full bangs for something new :) But yes, growing them out is always a pain!

Marlene said...

When you're certain it must be 3:30 or later and then you look at the clock and it's 2:30. THE WORST.

April Tock said...

Oh the food thing! I hate that too. When we lived at home my sister would stick a post it on stuff that said something like , "eat this and die..." very effective. I only have my husband to contend with, so lately a verbal warning suffices. Lol! Thanks for making me smile. Ps-growing your whole head of hair is much worse than growing bangs. I go back and forth from shoulder length to GI Jane every few years ;)

Rebecca said...

I am totally rocking the bangs pinned up look right now. But I'm also trying to grow out my!!

I hate hate hate humidity. It is awful...and makes me into a sweaty mess. So happy it is cloudy and cool today!