Friday, July 20, 2012

good reads

I've read a couple of things that I've found pretty interesting in the last few days - so if you're bored and looking for some reading (well, online reading), check these out:

Why It is Hard to Make Friends (when you're old like I am)
Why #surviveon35 misses the mark (a well written and well thought out critique on a "budgeting" challenge - some of the comments are also worth a read)

And since I complained about lack of pretty scenery running in the city, I decided to take a picture to prove to myself that it really isn't so bad. I was riding along the canal bright and early yesterday morning. The canal was so still and glassy and the city was still quiet enough to hear everything around me. I meant to take a picture then, but settled on taking one during my afternoon run instead.
Atwater canal by evening
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Rebecca said...

Read those as well. The 'why it is hard to make friends' article was popping up on several blogs and on some Facebook pages as well.

I don't know, as a teacher I think it is easier for me to make friends because I work as a team all the time. Plus we have social events all the time. BUT, are my co-workers my very best friends? Not really. Internet friends are kind of easy to make, but rarely do I meet my internet friends in the real world. But, saying that I feel that I do know a few of them kinda of well. It is just 21st century pen pals in my opinion