Tuesday, July 10, 2012

five things about me - part five

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought it was time to bring back the five things (you can find the others here if you're curious)

1- When I moved from Calgary to Ottawa in 2005, I did not own a pair of shorts. Not shorts for sports, no casual shorts..no shorts at all. Now, I own more than 15 pairs (some for normal wear, some for running).

2- I think professional cyclists are some of the toughest and fittest athletes on the planet.
(taken from the team FB page)
3- I have been to all of the Canadian provinces except for Newfoundland. Once I go there, I guess I should get to the Territories.

4 - We've gone without cable (or really any channel other than CBC) since we moved to Montreal, but since our digital antenna wasn't reliably picking up CTV and that's the network that is showing the Olympics, we had cable installed this week. Totally worth it.

5- I have two pairs of Birkenstocks and they're not the same size...
yes, i have a long big toe
Olympics - yay or nay?


Michelle said...

Olympics - big, giant YAY!!!

We were just discussing this with the boys at lunch. It doesn't make sense. They're all sports fanatics yet they don't see the point in the Olympics.

What did you have against shorts?

kristen said...

Regarding the shorts- first off, I didn't really need them. I had skirts and capris and without the oppressive humidity of these parts, I very rarely felt the desire (or need) to wear shorts. Plus - i just could't find any that I liked...

kristen said...

Oh - and don't get me started on what is the point of the olympics. They are awesome. That is all there is to know.

April Tock said...

You know-u have to come to Newfie! Best food, beer and people. Not to mention kick ass trails!! Trails with an ocean view at that! Will tweet some pics later!

Caroline said...

Olympics YES OUI Of course! Bien sur!!!

every day..all events...there will be no TV time limit for the whole time it is on!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Olympics - YAAAAAY

I stupidly booked our annual camping trip during week 1 - we are no joke trying to figure out a way to bring a tv with us to watch because it is the one sporting event that we watch around here.

I could totally live without cable - Paul cannot. When I was on my own I just had internet and that was all I needed.