Thursday, June 28, 2012

three things thursday - the end of june edition

Hello Thursday! I guess it is three things time!

1- It may be Thursday, but it is like Friday to me. I have four glorious days off in a row. I can't wait. Yes, I have school work to do, but at least I can get a little extra sleep!

2 - Oh - and I'm running a 10 km race this weekend. But mostly for fun. Sort of as a baseline so that I can do some 10 k training this summer and see what I can do once the fall comes. It is supposed to be warm - so hopefully it isn't TOO warm.

3 - I always say that I have poor fine motor skills. Fiddly tasks are really hard for me (or maybe I lack the patience for them?) so it isn't surprising that I generally can't do my hair in any sort of interesting way. My sister is great at doing hair and I wish I could do half of what she can. Recently though, she's sent me videos of things that I can probably manage. I was very proud when I managed to do this:
i can't french braid - but I can twist!
I even sent her pictures of my progress - a crappy one and then this one. I bet she laughed.

For the Canadians - Happy Canada Day Weekend! (or in Quebec - Moving Day weekend...) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Heather said...

Thats VERY impressive, knowing your skills. It looks great!

Michelle said...

I was inspired to watch the video after seeing your Twitter conversation. I've tried a couple of times but I've been too impatient to give it a serious effort. Definitely easier than braiding though. Looks great! I'm often envious of people who are talented with hair.

~Nathalie~ said...

All the best with the race this weekend...and I am thinking that this would be a very unique hairdo to run in ~ all the time spent concentrating on accomplishing it would take care of the nerves! :)

Rebecca said...

Nice hair!!

Good luck on the race! Enjoy the long weekend too :-)

Leigh said...

Look at you go with your twisting skills! I can french braid my hair, but it always turns out better when I do my own than other peoples.

Caroline said...

love french braid...I cannot do them though...

it is so humid here...wishing you cool weather and maybe even light rain for your 10k!

moving day indeed you should see the city it is a mess!!!

Kristen Lawrence said...

I love braiding hair since I had a daughter. I've been braiding/twisting my own too. It's a tough skill to learn! Love your hair in that picture. I wonder if it would stay for a race? Would look cute.