Monday, June 04, 2012

a short weekend

Most weekends are too short - this past one for me though? Definitely too short since I had to work on Saturday. I was at a conference this weekend (well this Thursday through Saturday) which meant that I had to put on real clothes, real shoes, take the metro downtown, and be "on" for three days. I also had to give part of a presentation...which I managed to do without getting my patented "reverse nervousness" in which I get progressively nervous throughout the presentation. Definitely a win!

there's something the neighbourhood...
The best thing about the commuting for three days? They guy in the metro tunnel that sang at the top of his lungs. Day one was the Imperial March from Star Wars (complete with dialogue afterward) , day two was the Ghostbusters theme song, and day three he was unfortunately absent. I guess he doesn't work weekends. The worst thing about commuting for three days? Some lady fell onto my foot (with her foot)...very hard. She was very apologetic. So apologetic that I had to turn away so that she wouldn't see just how much pain I was in. I have a large, shoe shaped bruise on the top of my foot. Apparently, commuting is dangerous.

On the running front, most of team awesome seems to have recovered well from race weekend. We all went for a "family run" yesterday (we missed you Sean!) and enjoyed an easy and casual run along the canal. Jordan is still a little sore - but I guess that's what a 2:54 marathon will do to you.
well done
I've got two more weeks of business, and then I'll be on the other side of my 6 weeks of madness. I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Though that might just be the crazy setting in. I wouldn't be surprised if that's actually what that is...

Happy Monday folks! What was the oddest thing that happened to you this weekend?


Rebecca said...

I think the only weird thing was when I was at McDumps with my students on Friday, the older McD lady said that I looked far too young to be married - and then I pointed to Max who was sitting around the corner. She was floored. I said 'umm, I'm almost 30?'

Marlene said...

2:54 - holy smokes!