Friday, June 22, 2012

running in the heat - always humbling

This week has been pretty hot and quite humid around these parts. According to the weather network, the temperatures "felt like" it was in the 40s (however for an interesting piece that mocks us for inflating our temperatures so, check out this article...I think I'll take Montreal over Ghana or Death Valley) and definitely had me feeling like the "popped" corn:
heat makes me cranky
When it is hot, I try to adjust my running accordingly. This week I decided that my best bet was to run early. I did it twice and the two runs couldn't have been more different.

Run 1 was horrible. Here's what I did right: left before 6 am, brought water, tweeted about how horrible it was when I got home. Here's what I did wrong: thought I could run a few tempo miles in air that felt like soup, actually tried to run said tempo miles, beat myself up when it didn't work very well. My legs felt like lead, I had a hard time catching my breath, and I felt like garbage. I did 5 miles, it felt like 15, and by the time I was finished, I was so sweaty that the white part of my shirt was pretty much transparent. I got home feeling defeated and tired. The tweet? Well, they say misery loves company. It was nice to get a reminder that I was not horribly out of shape, but rather had unrealistic expectations for my run.

Run number 2? Much better. Here's what I did right: left before 6 am, brought ice water, brought company, found ways to make it fun. Here's what I did wrong: not much. Instead of trying to run fast? We all agreed it was a slow day. We all ran with the attitude that we were just happy to be out running on a lovely Thursday morning. We chatted, we tried to ignore the heat, and the best part? We found a way to make it fun:

I highly recommend running through sprinklers. It was probably the best part of my day.

How are you in the heat - do you love it or does it make you wilt? Any hot weather tips?


Rebecca said...

Love that comic!

Don't like running in the heat at all....and I won't with Max at all (the chariot gets a tad warm).

Heather said...

I'm glad your second was better than the first!

Marlene said...

Definitely need to slow down and find ways to survive days like that. Blech!!! That popped corn cracks me up!

Laura said...

I am 50/50 on the heat. No way I could have run yesterday aft in it so I hit the treadmill and it was awful. This morning was an early start and still muggy but way more fun.
It isn't snow...that's my feeling.

~Nathalie~ said...

I had a lady apologize to me because her sprinkler was overlapping the sidewalk...told her not to worry, I was looking forward to being under the water. I stayed for a couple passes too!
Good post...Happy Running {even through the sprinklers!}

Caroline said...

I am in Quebec and it is soooo hot and so humid here...very hard to run
I went yesterday and today outside
going slower is key

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Hahaha that comic cracks me up! Running in the heat is hard! Luckily over here we have a really dry heat so even when it's in the 40's it's never really humid. Humidity and heat is what really does me in!